‘Southern Charm’ Fans Slam Kathryn Dennis’ Hypocritical ‘Mantra’

Kathryn Dennis-Instagram

Southern Charm fans are slamming show alum, Kathryn Dennis’ hypocritical ‘mantra.’ The mother of two recently took to social media to share her thoughts but not everyone agreed that she knew what she was talking about. So, what exactly was she saying that turned people off? Keep reading for more details.

Southern Charm Fans Slam Kathryn Dennis’ Hypocritical ‘Mantra’

Kathryn Dennis does not have the best track record, especially as of late. The Southern Charm alum was recently arrested for drunk driving. At the same time, she was involved in a multi-car accident just days after she claimed she was not allowed to see her kids for Mother’s Day. She shares a son and a daughter with her ex and former Southern Charm co-star, Thomas Ravenel. Kathryn was also seen posing with her son, Saint at one of his games and looked extremely skinny.

Kathryn Dennis-YouTube
Kathryn Dennis-YouTube

Now, she has posted a photo on her Instagram and she shared her mantra: “Inner Peace ✨ Self Worth — it’s been my mantra since I was 21, still going strong 💜 what’s yours? ✨” Of course, the moment that fans saw this, they slammed her hard. She was just twenty-one when the show started and when she hooked up with Thomas who was many years her senior. More so, she had lost custody of her children not too long after having them due to a failed drug test.


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Eventually, a Reddit thread was started over Kathryn Dennis and her “mantra.” The OP wrote this:

  • So much wrong with this….your mantra since you were 21? You sure? This doesn’t even look like her at all. Either AI or a sh*t ton of plastic surgery and work done… or both. She was beautiful on her own without all that.

So, what did other followers have to say?

  • Not drinking and driving, that’s my mantra
  • She’ll put all the $$ into her face but won’t pay for visitation for her kids 🙄
  • keeping up the delusion is more like it.
  • wow, unaware much? just do not drive is all I ask

Who Is This?

Many Southern Charm fans struggled with this, not just because of what Kathryn Dennis had to say but because of how she looked. Her face shocked many of them and they did not even recognize her anymore:

  • Both Kathryn and this girl are pretty but they are definitely not the same person.😭
  • She does not look like this

There were also a lot of not drinking and driving comments along with spending time on being with her kids. Hopefully, she will listen to and utilize her mantra so she can have a prosperous and healthy future.

What are your thoughts on what Kathryn has to say? Let us know in the comments below.

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