‘RHOBH’ Victims’ Money Paid For Erika Jayne’s Career?

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Did Tom Girardi’s victims’ money pay for RHOBH star Erika Jayne’s music and performance career? It had been brought up in the past that this may have been possible. Yet, Erika remained tight-lipped, maintaining she had no knowledge of any wrongdoing on her estranged husband’s behalf. Keep reading for more details.

RHOBH Victims’ Money Paid For Erika Jayne’s Career?

In November 2020, Erika Jayne filed for divorce from her husband of over twenty years, Tom Girardi. He was one of the most powerful and notable attorneys in the world. More so, the film, Erin Brockovich, was based on a multi-million dollar case that he helped win. It went on to win Julia Roberts an Academy Award. Erika’s RHOBH co-stars struggled to understand how she could be married to someone who was thirty years older. Yet, he was funding her career and allowing her to live a lavish and fabulous lifestyle.

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Erika Jayne, Tom Girardi-YouTube

As time went on, it was discovered that he had stolen millions from his clients, many in horrible, unimaginable situations. Eventually, it came to a point where he had nothing but maintained he had no idea where the money went. Erika claimed she had nothing to do with the situation. There were rumors that some of the money stolen had been put into her company but nothing was confirmed. Now, according to Reality Blurb!, this has been proven to be true. A June 22nd, 2024 report from the LA Times stated that more than $25 million was supposedly used for “illegitimate expenses” of EJ Global LLC.

EJ Global LLC was Erika Jayne’s entertainment company but has since been suspended. The money seemingly came from his clients whom he stole from. Prosecutors had this to say:

“By directing Girardi Keese accounting personnel to make these payments for the benefit of EJ Global, defendant [Tom] Girardi knowingly and intentionally funneled payments sourced from client funds for the improper personal enrichment of his family members.”

Erika’s lawyers clapped back and tried to exonerate her from any wrongdoing in the situation:

“She had no knowledge of the actions of Tom Girardi or Girardi Keese regarding client matters or finances. Years ago, Erika filed for divorce and separated from Tom Girardi, and lives in a rental. She is entitled to move on with her life.”

However, the lawyers in the case are now stuck playing the blame game as no one wants to take responsibility for mishandling funds.

Who’s In The Wrong?

Erika Jayne’s lawyers have had their say for the performer and RHOBH star. Yet, Tom Girardi and his firm’s former CFO, Christopher Korman, are going back and former. More so, they are blaming each other for what transpired. Deputy Public Defender Charles Snyder maintains that Tom was not “running the machine” at Girardi Keese. Moreover, it was Korman who handled everything and ultimately left the firm without anything. However, Korman’s lawyers are vehemently denying this. Finally, they believe that sharing the funding of EJ Global is “essential” to paint “a coherent and complete story of the charged scheme.”

Their trial is on August 6th, 2024 but it is anybody’s guess what part Eika will play in it. Do you think this shows Erika may have known something was going on? Or, is it just proving that Tom was hiding money anywhere that he could? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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