Noah Wyle Teases ‘ER’ Revival Ahead Of New Show

Noah Wyle on ER | YouTube

Noah Wyle is about to star in a new medical drama from the people behind ER. However, according to Wyle, the entire show exists because of talks about an ER revival and how those talks changed things over time.

Here is what Wyle had to say about the possible ER revival and what his new show, The Pitt, is about.

Noah Wyle Was In Talks For ER Revival

Before Grey’s Anatomy became the king of medical dramasER held that role. ER was one of the most popular nighttime dramas for years, with not only medical emergencies every week but drama, high tension, emotional deaths, and plenty of faces that would become stars in the future, like George Clooney.

Noah Wyle on ER | YouTube
Noah Wyle on ER | YouTube

Noah Wyle was one of those future stars, joining the ER cast in the pilot episode as John Carter, a third-year medical student who ended up being promoted to the role of an attending physician. Wyle left the series after the Season 11 finale, although he did make some guest appearances, including in the series finale.

It turns out that Wyle almost returned as John Carter in an ER reboot. In an appearance on the Still Here Hollywood podcast, Wyle said that during the pandemic, he realized he wasn’t good at anything but acting. At the same time, he saw doctors, nurses, and other frontline workers fighting to save lives and finding people disrespecting them and treating them harshly. He realized those were the important people, and he wanted to tell their stories.

Noah reached out to ER executive producer John Wells. He mentioned letters from medical professionals sent to him, thanking him for ER. Some letters mentioned they went into the medical profession after watching the show as a kid. He asked if Wells would be interested in a smaller medical drama bringing back Carter and focusing on these things.

Wells was interested, and they began to hash out an ER reboot. However, things ended when they couldn’t work out a deal with the estate of ER creator Michael Crichton. That is when they pivoted.

Noah Wyle’s New Show The Pitt Is The Result

Noah Wyle has a new show coming to Max called The Pitt. This show is the result of the talks about an ER reboot. When they couldn’t move forward with ER, they decided to create something different in the medical drama landscape.

“They’re tired, they’re burned out and they’re overwhelmed — and in a lot of cases, they’re being abused. They’re heroes, and I wanted to do something that reflected that again,” Wyle said.

The Pitt earned a 15-episode order from Max. It will show a “realistic examination of the challenges facing healthcare workers in today’s America, as seen through the lens of the frontline heroes working in a modern-day hospital in Pittsburgh.” The show will film from now until February and will likely stream sometime in 2025.

Are you excited about The Pitt with Noah Wyle? Would you have rather seen an ER reboot instead? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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