Lindsay Hubbard Gives Details About Her New Relationship

Lindsay Hubbard

Lindsay Hubbard has given fans some details about her current relationship. She has been with this new man since January. Lindsay Hubbard was engaged to Carl Radke. However, the engagement ended after a summer full of fighting. Cast members and fans knew the relationship was not going to last, especially after seeing their big fights during Summer House. However, Lindsay seems to be happy in her new relationship. Keep reading to find out more.

Carl Radke Calls Off Engagement

Carl Radke called off his engagement with Lindsay Hubbard. The two were arguing all the time and it was not a healthy relationship. So, Carl decided to call off the wedding. Lindsay was hurt by the way he did it. She felt as though it was all calculated. Carl called the producers and told them to come and film the conversation. This did not sit well with Lindsay. She went into detail about it during the Summer House reunion. A lot of the reunion ended up being about Carl and Lindsay’s toxic relationship. However, she has found herself a new man.

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Lindsay Hubbard Gives Insight To New Relationship

Lindsay is happy with her new guy. She gave some details about the relationship. 

“He is an incredible man, we have a very sweet, caring, and loving relationship that I truly cherish. I got rid of any and all timelines considering all of my past timelines have blown up in my face, I’m really just enjoying my relationship as it naturally progresses and I’m not putting any pressure on next steps until it feels right for both of us. I hope it eventually does lead to a serious future with him, but if it doesn’t, that’s okay too.”

She is still keeping her relationship private and is not going to share him with the public just yet. He also does not watch the show, which is probably for the best.

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It seems that Lindsay is enjoying her new relationship. She is also not in a rush to get married or anything of that sort. Lindsay is just enjoying her time and seeing where it goes. Fans are happy that Lindsay found someone that makes her happy. It was clear she and Carl were not meant for each other. However, Carl does not seem to have moved on yet. He is focusing on himself. What do you think about her new relationship? Sound off in the comments below.

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