‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ Did Sydney Just Reveal Kait’s Secret?

Sydney Errera and Kait Smith via YOuTube

Farmer Wants a Wife Sydney Errera went to social media to share some very interesting information with fans. In fact, she may have just revealed Kait Smith’s secret. What exactly did she say? Keep reading to find out more.

Farmer Wants A Wife Sydney Errera Revealed Kait’s Secret?

Sydney Errera was Mitch Kolinsky’s final choice on Season 2 of Farmer Wants a Wife. He had his choices narrowed down to her and Kait Smith. After choosing Sydney, Kait still seems to be with them a lot in Tennessee. So, a fan asked her if it is ever awkward having Kait around since she was once trying to win Mitch’s heart.

Her answer may surprise some fans of the show. In her Instagram Story, Sydney shared that this was a good question and she really wanted to answer it. She said Mitchell and Kait kissed one time on the show and it was because she actually encouraged it. Sydney told Kait she needed to kiss him because she and Kait are best friends and he is going to be her boyfriend. So, she felt Kait should experience it while she still could.

Farmer Wants A Wife: Sydney Errera - Mitchell Kolinsky
Farmer Wants A Wife: Sydney Errera – Mitchell Kolinsky

Sydney then added that she doesn’t really care about that stuff. What she said next has fans talking.

Sydney shared that coming to see her and Mitch is not the only reason she comes to Tennessee. She said Kait definitely comes to Tennessee for reasons other than to see her and her boyfriend. She then added, “Maybe you guys will find out soon what I’m talking about.”

Her body language definitely made it seem as if Kait perhaps has a man in her life she’s coming to see in Tennessee.

How Are Sydney And Mitchell Doing?

Kait Smith may not have been the one for Mitchell but Sydney sure is. She and Mitch are doing great and seem very in love. While on the show, everyone could see how similar they were.

Things are going so well that it seems she is already living on the farm with him.

So far there has been no talk of an engagement but things are certainly moving in the right direction for these two.

What do you think about Sydney hinting that Kait has met someone in Tennessee? Do you think Sydney and Mitch are still a good couple?

Stay tuned for more updates on all your Farmer Wants a Wife favorites.

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