‘Family Feud’ Steve Harvey Unhinged, Execs Want Him Out?

Family Feud: Steve Harvey

One of the many things that Family Feud watchers love about Steve Harvey is how quick he is on his feet with his rapid-fire insults when necessary. As much as fans of the show love that about the host, it seems not everyone is pleased, including network execs. So, what’s the latest on this?

Family Feud: Steve Harvey Has Been Holding It Down For Years

While the game of Family Feud has largely remained the same since it first hit the airwaves decades ago, there have been a handful of hosts over the years to help keep things running smoothly. As viewers see, it’s not just about reading off survey questions in a dry manner.

Family Feud hosts need to have personality, charisma, and they need to be quick on their feet. This is precisely where Steve Harvey comes in. The actor, comedian, and entrepreneur has been holding it down and steering the ship since 2010, and a lot of fans tune in just for him.

Steve Harvey - Family Feud YouTube

Steve Harvey Unhinged In Game Show Scenes?

Many Family Feud watchers have called out the show for taking a raunchy turn, clearly veering far off from the family-friendly show that it started out as. Viewers see this with questions full of innuendo and suggestive themes. However, that’s not the only thing fans have noticed.

Because Steve Harvey has made a career out of being off the cuff, and reacting before thinking, some of his outbursts have been insulting to contestants. Harvey regularly tells players to “shut up” or “be quiet” when he thinks things have gone too far.

While this is certainly within his right to do as the Family Feud host, many think Steve Harvey crosses the line. Indeed, there’s a fine line between witty banter and abuse. The way many see it, that line is considerably blurred when it comes to Harvey and his antics on the show.

Family Feud: Steve Harvey
Family Feud: Steve Harvey/YouTube

Family Feud: Do Top Execs Want Host Out?

In recent Family Feud scenes, Steve Harvey told a player that their answer was the “stupidest” answer he has heard since he first got this hosting gig. Steve asked: “Women love a man in uniform. Men love a woman in what?”

In response, the player said: “The kitchen.”

While Steve Harvey ridiculing contestants makes for good television, and while Steve Harvey’s reactions are a bit over the top at times, most viewers typically share his sentiment, as many react similarly. However, according to an insider, those up top think that Harvey takes things too far.

Family Feud: Steve Harvey
Family Feud: Steve Harvey/YouTube

Speaking to Closer about the situation, an insider said: “Steve’s king of the hill and has become an intrinsic part of the show’s success – but insulting contestants and calling their answers stupid right to their face is the last thing people need.”

The source went on, saying: “It’s got people around him panicky. They’re concerned Steve’s working too hard. Maybe there’s pressure at home that’s getting to him and making him short-tempered.”

At the end of the day, viewers want Steve Harvey to continue hosting the game show for as long as he chooses to. Hopefully, network execs ultimately feel the same, even with these occasional outbursts from the beloved host.

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