‘Clarkson’s Farm’ Star Gerald Cooper Has A Cancer Update That Fans Want To Hear

Gerald Cooper, Clarkson's Farm - YouTube

Fans of Amazon Prime’s Clarkson’s Farm have been concerned about Gerald Cooper, a fan-favorite. When Season 3 started, Jeremy Clarkson was heartbroken to discover that he had cancer. He swore, “Oh s**t” In the next episode, The Grand Tour star revealed that Gerald was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Of course, Jeremy was upset. Gerald is an integral part of the Diddly Squat farm, as well as a friend. Most of all, viewers love this farmer. Now, Gerald has an update. Here is the latest news.

Gerald Cooper Clarkson's Farm- YouTube
Gerald Cooper Clarkson’s Farm- YouTube

Clarkson’s Farm Star Gerald Cooper Has Cancer Update

On Sunday, the Clarkson’s Farm Twitter account updated fans with a great photo of a smiling Gerald Cooper. He is wearing a fantastic cream sweater with sheep at the top. Behind him is a picturesque brick wall. The caption said, “A healthy and happy Gerald!” The social media team has assured fans that he has gone through his cancer treatment, and the 74-year-old is now cancer-free.

This is a huge relief for fans. During Season 3, Gerald was not in the series until the final episode. However, fans were kept updated on almost every episode. Moreover, they knew Gerald was “terrified,” because Jeremy shared that.

Later, when updating Kaleb Cooper, Jeremy revealed he was actively helping out Gerald. “I’ve been phoning around, doctors and things I know, and his odds are really good, but it’s scaring him to death.”

Kaleb understood his friend’s fear. “He doesn’t understand, you know that.”

Jeremy agreed. “I know he doesn’t understand and he’s bewildered because, for obvious reasons, somebody said, ‘Look, I’m sorry it’s cancer,’ and that’s all he heard.” Jeremy was upset. “He’s desperately upset, terrified. Poor man.”

In a later episode, Gerald had surgery. As the season progressed, Jeremy Clarkson happily updated Kaleb that things were going great, despite the circumstances. “The word is he’s on the mend.”

Ever the practical farmer, Kaleb was happy to hear. “That’s what we like to hear, there’s a few walls that fell down so we need him to be back at it.”

Jeremy agreed. “I know we do want him back.”

Gerald Cooper, Clarkson's Farm - Twitter
Gerald Cooper, Clarkson’s Farm – Twitter

Gerald Cooper Thanked Fans At The End Of Season 3

After a grueling year of farming, Clarkson’s Farm Season 3 had a gathering. Included in this gathering was Gerald Cooper. Most of all, he had a message for fans. “I would like to thank everybody, all the film crew, and all my friends here.”

All of you have been so kind to me and my family and thank you very much.

The good news is that the cameras are on and they are filming Season 4 of the Amazon series. No one knows what this will be about, but seeing a healthy Gerald Cooper will be the best part.

Clarkson’s Farm fans, have you been keeping up with Gerald Cooper’s recovery?

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