‘America’s Got Talent’ Praises 10-Year Old ‘Rock Goddess’

Maya Neelakantan on America's Got Talent | YouTube

This week, a 10-year-old girl appeared on America’s Got Talent, and the judges had no idea what was coming. Once she finished her audition, she blew them away, and Simon Cowell referred to her as a “rock goddess.”

Here is a look at Maya Neelakantan’s performance on AGT.

Amerca’s Got Talent Introduces 10-Year-Old Rock Guitarist

No one knew what to expect when Maya Neelakantan came out on America’s Got Talent. She seemed very shy when she introduced herself to the judges. She then showed that she had an electric guitar and an amp and she was going to play the guitar as her talent.

Maya Neelakantan on America's Got Talent | YouTube
Maya Neelakantan on America’s Got Talent | YouTube

When Maya started playing the guitar, it was a few seconds of traditional, slower Indian music. However, she then flipped gears and immediately went into playing Papa Roach’s “Last Resort.” By the time she was finished, she had the audience up and cheering and the judges in awe.

Howie Mandel asked what her influences were, and she listed some heavy hitters, including Adam Jones from Tool and Gary Holt, the guitarist of Exodus and Slayer. These are incredible influences for a 10-year-old girl from India.

This was Maya’s first performance onstage in front of a live audience. However, she has a YouTube channel and has been playing on it for a few years. In a video, after she turned nine, she showed off her new Les Paul guitar and played the Tool song “7empest.”

While she seemed nervous on stage on America’s Got Talent, Maya had been preparing for this for years.

America’s Got Talent Judges Praise Maya As A ‘Rock Goddess’

After playing Papa Roach’s “Last Resort,” the judges began to praise her. Howie was happy with the answers to her influences. She has met both Holt and Jones thanks to her YouTube fame. The guitar she used on AGT was a gift from Jones.

Simon Cowell is who dubbed her a “rock goddess.” In his appraisal of her audition, he said, “I was about your age when I tried to learn the guitar. It is one of the most difficult instruments in the world. So I gave up. No actually my teacher gave up on me.”

He said the judges were not expecting this performance and that she deserved this standing ovation. Sofia Vergara praised her energy and confidence. Heidi Klum praised the girl’s talents, calling her “absolutely incredible.” Following the praise, all four judges gave Maya a “yes” vote, pushing her through to the live shows.

What did you think about Maya Neelakantan on America’s Got Talent? Were you surprised when she started her metal music audition? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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