‘7 Little Johnstons’ Fans Call Out Alex Johnston For Bad Manners

7 Little Johnstons: Alex Johnston - Allie Smith

In recent 7 Little Johnstons Season 14 scenes, viewers called out Alex Johnston for what they see as bad manners. So, what did viewers have to say about what they saw from Alex in the most recent episodes?

7 Little Johnstons: Alex Johnston Reaches Major Milestone In Scenes

As longtime 7 Little Johnstons fans know, Alex Johnston is the youngest of the TLC siblings. Trent Johnston and Amber Johnston brought him home when he was just a baby. In recent scenes, viewers caught up to the point where it was Alex Johnston’s eighteenth birthday.

In addition to celebrating Alex and how far he has come as the youngest 7 Little Johnstons sibling, Allie Smith came to visit and celebrate in style with Alex. So, this was a big moment for him, as well as a major milestone to cross off the list.

7 Little Johnstons: Alex Johnston
7 Little Johnstons: Alex Johnston/YouTube

TLC Celeb Celebrates In Style

This Season on 7 Little Johnstons, it has been all about Liz Johnston, Brice Bolden, and their upcoming bundle of joy. However, in certain pockets this season, other members of the family have their own opportunities to shine. In Alex’s case, it was highlighting his birthday, as well as having Allie come down to celebrate. This really made things even more special for him.

7 Little Johnstons fans have been wondering about Alex Johnston and his current relationship status with Allie Smith. For a time, viewers even thought that the pair had broken up and gone their separate ways. Interestingly, Allie Smith was even present for the Johnston family vacation to Puerto Rico. So, if Allie is going with the family on exotic trips, that certainly implies that things are serious between these two.

7 Little Johnstons: Alex Johnston - Allie Smith
7 Little Johnstons: Alex Johnston – Allie Smith/YouTube

7 Little Johnstons: Fans Call Out Alex Johnston For His Bad Manners?

Recently, 7 Little Johnstons fans didn’t hold back, with many being critical of how Alex behaved on his recent date with Allie Smith. The TLC pair went to the trampoline park, which was a callback to their very first date. Along with that, with Alex officially being eighteen, he did other things like registering to vote, buying a lottery ticket, and purchasing fireworks.

However, it was Alex’s behavior while out on his date with Allie that drew the ire of 7 Little Johnstons fans, with many calling the youngest TLC sibling out for what they see as a lack of manners.

7 Little Johnstons: Alex Johnston
7 Little Johnstons: Alex Johnston/YouTube
  • One 7 Little Johnstons fan said of Alex’s behavior in recent TLC scenes: “Alex, dude, use your manners. Anyone notice Alex leaving the dodgeball court ahead of Allie? And he was already seated ready for pizza while Allie was trying to get in chair. Take better care of your lady Alex.”
  • Another TLC viewer said that they get more friendship vibes from Alex and Allie rather than romantic vibes, adding: “I think she likes him as a friend not a boyfriend.”

Fans have called out how Trent Johnston and Amber Johnston have babied Alex for years. The way fans see it, he may officially be an adult now, but, he still has a long way to go in the emotional maturity department.

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