What Is The ‘My 600-lb Life’ Mexican Spinoff?

Mexican My 600-lb Life, Sourced From Reddit

My 600-lb Life Season 12 wrapped up with successful stories. However, some of Dr. Now’s patients parted ways with him in questionable conditions. Due to this, many viewers wanted to get more updates about their journey behind the cameras. Unfortunately, TLC remained discreet about a possible renewal, creating speculation that Dr. Now is about to hang his scalper. But some Redditors discovered a new weight loss show, but it had a twist. Keep reading to see the Mexican spinoff of My 600-lb Life.

My 600-lb Life: Is Dr. Now Retiring Soon?

Dr. Now has been a surgeon for over 50 years. He specializes in bariatric surgery, helping people recover from severe obesity. TLC documented many of his patients for 12 seasons. However, some people think the My 600-lb Life star may be done after Season 12. Some have noticed that he’s starting to move slower, showing signs of age. Others also think that Dr. Now deserves to enjoy his life at 79. But despite all the speculation, he continues to help people behind cameras by sharing tips on how to live a healthy life.

Dr. Now From My 600-lb Life, Sourced From @younannowzaradan Instagram
Dr. Now From My 600-lb Life, Sourced From @younannowzaradan Instagram

What Is The Mexican Spinoff Of The Reality Show?

Some Redditors react to a preview clip about a Mexican reality show resembling My 600-lb Life. The video shows tons of patients seeking help amid their life-threatening obesity. Dr. Now is not part of the show, and TLC didn’t produce it. Several commenters also find it hard to understand what everyone is saying in the video, as they all speak Spanish. But it’s clear that the show has the same concept as My 600-lb Life, and it’s titled Kilos Mortales México.

Mexican My 600-lb Life, Sourced From Reddit
Mexican My 600-lb Life, Sourced From Reddit
  • “There’s a Mexican My600lb life spin-off. I wonder how the Mexican Dr.Now would be like.”
  • “This is exciting haha. My SO and I were watching the Brazilian one on YT but had trouble keeping up with the subtitles. We agreed it’d be cool to have a Mexican version because we both speak a lot more Spanish than Portuguese. Ask and ye shall receive!”
  • “My husband’s grandma loves this show! I don’t speak Spanish, and she doesn’t speak English, but we’ve somehow bonded over our shared love for my 600 Pound Life/Kilos Mortales!”
  • “Whaaaaa?! Is it dubbed in English or do I have to read subtitles?”
  • “I don’t speak Spanish. I want to watch this.”
  • “600lb life going to the big leagues.”

My 600-lb Life: How’s Dr. Now Today?

Dr. Now remains in touch with the fans on social media today. Many of his posts are about a new reality show called Quarter Ton Teen. It features stories of teens wanting to recover from obesity. The My 600-lb Life star has also been spreading awareness about the growing cases of child obesity in the U.S. Dr. Now has yet to share any hints of a possible reality TV comeback. But he’s been thankful for all the support he’s been receiving. He even put up a meet-and-greet event at his office in February.

Dr. Now From My 600-lb Life, Sourced From @younannowzaradan Instagram
Dr. Now From My 600-lb Life, Sourced From @younannowzaradan Instagram
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