Tori Spelling Talks About Getting Cosmetic Surgery In A Strip Mall

Tori Spelling - YouTube/The Drew Barrymore Show

Tori Spelling recently talked about cosmetic surgery and the possibility of getting another boob job in the future. The former 90210 star opened up about some of the sketchy cosmetic procedures she’s had in the past and how she’s not averse to going under the knife again. Continue reading to see what Tori revealed.

Tori Spelling Jokes About Her Strip Mall Boob Job

On the Saturday, June 22 episode of her podcast “misSPELLING,” Tori addressed a question from a fan. They asked if she got her “boobs done in a van down by the river,” which is a reference to a Saturday Night Live skit with Chris Farley.

Joking, Tori Spelling said, “I think these [breasts] aren’t the ones either. Third time will be the charm.”

She continued, “So anyway, I have no comment on that … I think they’re OK. My whole intention of getting them redone was to go smaller because — looking back to the ‘90s — I [think now that] I liked my boobs. I wish I had just kept them. Like, they’re really great.”

Tori Spelling-Instagram
Tori Spelling-Instagram

Tori revealed that, at the time, she had a “bad boyfriend” who arranged for the procedure to be done. She “just wanted to make them fuller.”

Recalling the ordeal, Tori said that her ex-boyfriend’s friend’s girlfriend recommended a place for her to get her boobs done. “She’s like, ‘Oh, you have to go to this place.’ And I was so scared to tell anybody that. I was like, ‘OK.’ And so I went to this doctor and I was in a strip mall,” she said, “I’m not kidding. I can’t make this up.”

The “doctor” performed the surgery on 19-year-old Tori Spelling. She said that the entire thing happened in an “outpatient surgery center in a strip mall.”

The 90210 Star Recently Got Her Belly Button Pierced

At the time, Tori said she was concerned, but didn’t say anything. She simply got the procedure done and went home. The teenager also said she was scared to tell her parents about what happened, stating that they wouldn’t have given their blessings on the surgery.

Eventually, Tori’s mother Candy Spelling had to come take care of her. Tori’s two best friends at the time, Alicia Silverstone and Carmen Electra, were taking care of her, but she needed more help than they could provide. So, she called in her mom.

Tori Spelling - Instagram
Tori Spelling – Instagram

That being said, Tori Spelling isn’t opposed to continuing to get work done to alter her body. In fact, she recently got her belly button pierced on Mother’s Day.

“You know, it’s gone in and out five times and it’s good,” she said regarding the piercing. “And I feel like, you know, my thing back in the day, like full circle, was my belly. I always showed off my belly because that was one of my favorite parts of me. And now I do it again and people are like, ‘Stop dressing like a teenager.’”

Tori Spelling doesn’t have any plans to stop loving her body any time soon though, even her strip mall boob job.

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