‘RHOBH’ Kyle Richards Justifies Buying Daughter A Porsche

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RHOBH star Kyle Richards is justifying buying her youngest daughter, Portia, a Porsche as her very first car. The sixteen-year-old received quite the surprise when her family guided her outside. There, she saw a brand-new Porsche waiting for her. Yet, followers were shocked that the teen was treated to something like that. So, what does her mother have to say? Keep reading for more details.

RHOBH Kyle Richards Justifies Buying Daughter Porsche

When the pandemic hit, Kyle Richards struggled with Portia Umansky. She is the youngest of Kyle’s four daughters but had a very hard time as she was doing remote learning. Plus, she had started a new school but never stepped foot inside of it. Kyle was trying her best to be kind and understanding with Portia by letting her get long nails and not pester the teen. Yet, she was not waking up for school or falling asleep at her desk because there was very little accountability during the pandemic remote learning.

Kyle Richards-YouTube
Kyle Richards-YouTube

There was also a Bat Mitzvah being planned which Portia was extremely insecure about. Now, Portia is sixteen and driving which is a huge deal for the whole family. Even viewers cannot believe it as Kyle was holding her in the early seasons of RHOBH. To celebrate this milestone, Kyle and her estranged husband, Mauricio Umansky came together to gift Portia her first car, a Porsche. Many followers felt that this was over the top but this is what they have done for their other children.

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Now, according to Reality Blurb!, Kyle Richards is justifying buying the car for her daughter. In fact, she was not even the one who made the lavish purchase to begin with. First off, because Mauricio Umansky works extremely hard, he bought the car for Portia. However, Kyle does understand why people are stunned by the car, which retails at $90K:

“Well, it wasn’t as expensive as they reported. But I understand that. I get that. She’s a very good drive. She’s a straight-A student. She’s a good kid … I think [she deserves it].”

It was also noted that it may not have been a coincidence that Portia received a Porsche.

A New Season Ahead

Kyle Richards’ girls have been through a lot in the last season of RHOBH. They had to come together to learn their parents were separating. Then, the conversation continued on Mauricio Umansky’s Netflix series, Buying Beverly Hills. So, maybe this car was to show Portia how well she handled all the changes and still did not drop the ball where it mattered. As for how big of a role the girls will play in Season 14, that is yet to be seen. Hopefully, they get to have a voice and share what their lives have been like since fans have watched them grow up right before their eyes.

What do you think of Kyle’s rationalization for buying this car? Does it make more sense with how she laid it out? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Sorry no 16 yo ‘deserves’ a Porsche despite their name, which is not spelled the same. But hey if you got money to burn a car is a great way to burn a bundle for sure! And senor Umansky has plenty of money to burn as is obvious of the bundles Kyle has spent on purses and shoes not to mention unmentionable’s LOL

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