‘Love After Lockup’ Are Maurice & Jessica Gipson Still Married?

Love After Lockup: Maurice Gipson - Jessica Gipson

Love After Lockup cast member Maurice Gipson is back in the news recently following a shooting in the Westlake district of Los Angeles. With the felon back in headlines, many fans have questions, including if Maurice is still married to his ex, Jessica Gipson.

Love After Lockup: Maurice Gipson & Jessica Gipson Had Messy Scenes

As veteran Love After Lockup cast members know, falling in love with a criminal is messy business. For one, civilians get used to a certain level of attention and communication when their person is behind bars. However, things often change when the individual is back on the outside.

Things like other temptations, old friends, and the pull of their old, shady lifestyle are something that every felon on Love After Lockup has to deal with. Ultimately, even with a young child in tow, Jessica and Maurice could not make their relationship last for the long haul.

Love After Lockup: Maurice Gipson
Love After Lockup: Maurice Gipson/YouTube

LAL: Maurice A Victim In A Violent Westlake Shooting

Love After Lockup tea started spilling recently of Maurice Gipson being a victim in a violent shooting. The incident took place in the Westlake district of Los Angeles. There were reportedly two victims after a suspect in a ski mask and no shirt opened fire.

When the reports first started making the rounds, it was only alleged that Love After Lockup celeb Maurice Gipson was one of the victims. However, as Starcasm notes, this was the case. Instagram blogger MerryPants recently spoke with members of Maurice’s family, with them confirming that Maurice was shot four times. In addition, that he is in a coma.

Love After Lockup: Are Maurice And Jessica Gipson Still Legally Married?

With this shooting incident and Maurice Gipson’s current condition, many are curious about something. More specifically, whether or not Maurice Gipson and Jessica Gipson are still husband and wife.

Love After Lockup splits happen all the time, as well as breakups across reality franchises. In everyday situations, cast members splitting and moving on with other people doesn’t have any long-term implications. However, with Maurice’s family confirming that he is in a coma, there are things to consider. His still being legally married to Jessica could very well have far-reaching implications.

Love After Lockup: Maurice Gipson - Jessica Gipson
Love After Lockup: Maurice Gipson – Jessica Gipson/YouTube

With everything going on, a fan online had something to say. They wrote: “Jessica and Maurice are still legally married. That’s it, that’s all. She replied to me on IG comments they are still legally married. Jessica will be able to make the legal decisions over the wanksta chick.”

If this is true, and if the worst-case scenario comes to pass in this situation, and the decision ever comes to have to pull the plug or keep Maurice in a coma, it would be Jessica Gipson over Mandy who would have to make that decision. So, with this dramatic situation currently happening, there are extra layers to this following the violent incident that put Maurice in this situation.

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