Fans Worry About Deon Derrico’s Health After Concerning Post

Deon Derrico - Doubling Down With The Derricos

Recently, Doubling Down With The Derricos fans began to worry about Deon Derrico after he made a concerning post. He addresses the issue with fans.

Deon Derrico Strikes Up Concern

Lately, life has been very stressful for Karen and Deon Derrico. While Doubling Down With the Derricos fans have watched as the family pulled together during tough times, now sadly, Karen and Deon have decided to get a divorce. Additionally, Deon’s mom, Marian “GG” Derrico, is battling cancer amid the other difficult stressors in their lives. Without a doubt, raising fourteen kids comes with enough challenges, but adding the difficulty of sorting through emotions connected to the divorce and Deon’s mom being sick, fans are worried about him. Likewise, he recently posted about actor, Robin Williams being a happy-go-lucky person for everyone around him but struggling deeply inside with depression.

TLC - Doubling Down With The Derricos - YouTube
Deon Derrico – TLC – Doubling Down With The Derricos – YouTube

Deon Derrico Sends An Alarming Message

While he is struggling and trying to remain “happy” he relates to Robin Williams who worked very hard to make others feel better even though he was experiencing overwhelming inner pain. Deon adds text, “Only Lord knows these are my exact same sentiments.” Following the post, fans found the post very alarming. Many fans believed he might be suicidal with everything happening.

Deon Derrico posts about Robin Williams' struggle and strengths. - Instagram
Deon Derrico posts about Robin Williams’ struggle and strengths. – Instagram

He Addresses His Post About Robin Williams

On Deon Derrico’s Instagram page, he posted a video that has fans worried about him amid the divorce. While the video comes after a serious post that Deon made referring to the great actor, Robin Williams, fans see other concerning factors. Deon responds, “I want to thank you all for the out pouring of love and concern for me, when I shared the story on my Instagram about actor Robin Williams, it was because he was truly loved by millions but his sadness didn’t allow him to move past those inner emotions! So I shared that post to help any and everyone who’s possibly dealing with something and it’s causing grief in their lives!! I’m not in ANYWAY SAD or depressed, I have never ever been suicidal!!!”

Deon Derrico has fans worried after posting about Robin Williams. - Instagram
Deon Derrico has fans worried after posting about Robin Williams. – Instagram

Deon Derrico continues, “But unfortunately I know many people who have suffered or who’s suffering in silence!! Many fans have reached out to and many of them I’ve tried to help by simple talking with them!! If you or someone you know are suffering in silence I encourage you to contact your local hospital for guidance on where you can seek support and all information is kept confidential!!!! Again I’m not depressed nor sad albeit I’ve been inundated with a lot of challenges here recently, but I’m emotionally very healthy, sound in my thinking, and feeling very blessed for my great health and family!!! #DEONDERRICO #TheDERRICOs #DERRICODetroit #DERRICODERRICOInc #Love #Family #Blessed.” Although Deon addresses the concerns, fans are worried about Deon’s health.

Fans Worry About Deon Derrico’s Health After Concerning Post

Even after Deon Derrico’s post says he is doing well, fans notice he looks slimmer than usual. Some began to worry about his health through the stress.

  • “You look so thin I hope you are really ok.”
  • “Stress probably. Let’s keep @deonderrico prayed up! Only if you believe in praying, though. LOL. SN: On the flip side, @karenederrico looks fabulous, right!!? She actually looks peaceful, content or on her way to both! Blessings to them both & GiGi!!”
  • One fan reminds everyone to pray for Deon Derrico, “Thought the same, I pray he’s doing okay.”
  • “Stress can do that to you 😢 you can’t eat, sleep or relax and it takes a huge toll on your mental health. Praying for GG and poppy🙏🏽 may god continue guiding them through this time. Keep fighting GG we love you and praying.”
  • “His mother is sick I’m sure that’s taken a toll on him 🙏🏾.”
  • “Absolutely..he is extremely close with his mother and anyone who watched the show knows he can’t hold back emotions when it comes to her. Outside of her health. Life is lifing so he has a lot on his plate!! 🙏🏾.”


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What do you think about Deon Derrico’s health? Do you think he is doing okay amid the stress? Have you been through anything similar? Are you ready to see more Doubling Down With the Derricos? Drop your comments below.

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