Did ‘General Hospital’ Quietly Fire Michael E. Knight?

Michael E. Knight/Credit: 'General Hospital' YouTube

Michael E. Knight left General Hospital in February but was expected to return. Months later, fans are wondering if the show quietly fired him. What’s going on?

Michael E. Knight Exits General Hospital

In a surprising move, Michael E. Knight announced he was leaving his role as Martin Grey on General Hospital. In fact, his final air date had already come and gone.

He joined the ABC soap in 2019 as Martin Grey, a lawyer who was later revealed to be Laura’s (Genie Francis) half-brother. But Michael E. Knight is most known for his role as the beloved Tad Martin on All My Children, a role he played off and on for nearly 30 years until the soap’s cancellation.

Cady McClain and Michael E. Knight as Tad and Dixie on 'All My Children/Credit: Cady McClain Instagram
Cady McClain and Michael E. Knight as Tad and Dixie on ‘All My Children/Credit: Cady McClain Instagram

But his General Hospital exit wasn’t meant to be permanent, and multiple sources reported that the popular actor would be back. But almost six months later, he has yet to return. Fans are wondering if the soap quietly fired Michael E. Knight.

Fans Guess Where Martin Grey Is

Martin Grey is just one of the characters who disappeared from the canvas or dropped from a storyline. GH fans are still wondering who killed Dr. Austin Gatlin-Holt (played by Roger Howarth.)

Without any answers about if or when Michael E. Knight will return, General Hospital fans took to Reddit to speculate on where Martin Grey is now.

Michael E. Knight/Credit: 'General Hospital' YouTube
Michael E. Knight/Credit: ‘General Hospital’ YouTube

The OP (original poster) asked if Martin had secretly joined Lawyers Without Borders and was overseas. Check out some of the other hilarious responses:

  • He joined Lawyers Without Storylines. They have added enough new cast that some of the other cast is fading away. Liesl also disappeared without explanation and is never mentioned by anyone, it is almost like she never existed.
  • Went back to Pine Valley
  • They Wrote him off. The way they wrote him off didn’t make sense but it’s my understanding he was a Budget “ Cut”.
  • Alexis is a lawyer again. Martin is currently not needed. He will stay gone until he is needed.

One fan compared Martin Grey to other characters who disappeared into thin air, such as Liesl, Selina Wu, Brad Cooper, and Taggert.

General Hospital has some exciting returns in store for viewers this summer, but it doesn’t seem that Martin Grey is one of them.

Do you think Michael E. Knight will return someday, or did the show quietly fire him for good? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Michael is the only reason I started watching GH after 15 years of not watching. I may stop again. Why would you take such a talented & funny actor & leave other less than actors on the canvas. Is it another act of ageism? Well a BIG BOO to whomever made this error in judgement.

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