‘AGT’ Simon Cowell In Tears During Former Contestant’s Big Day

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America’s Got Talent star Simon Cowell has met thousands of people throughout his time on reality television. Thanks to American Idol, X Factor, and America’s Got Talent, he has seen very talented people cross his path every week. He has also developed relationships with several of these people and has been there with them during important times.

He was just with one of the former X Factor talents for a very special day, and it had Simon in tears. Here is what you need to know.

Simon Cowell Shares Special Moment With Lucy Spraggan

Singer-songwriter Lucy Spraggan was one of the first big contestants on X Factor after Simon Cowell worked on that show. She was one of the first competitors who came in with original music and blew away the judges. Simon has kept in contact with her and has worked with her since then.

Americas Got Talent: Simon Cowell
America’s Got Talent: Simon Cowell

Simon has also remained friends with her. Earlier in June, Simon was there for a very important moment for Lucy. He walked her down the aisle for her wedding. Lucy, 32, married her girlfriend Emilia Smith at Saltmarshe Hall in the north of England, and Simon was there for her.

Lucy entered to her own song, “Other Sides of the Moon,” and Simon walked her down the aisle. He had a tear in his eye as he watched the two get married. Lucy said that she was “already crying” and that Simon teared up and told her, “You’re OK, you’re all right” (via Hello!)

Simon Cowell & Lucy Spraggan’s Relationship

Interestingly enough, Simon Cowell never met her when she auditioned on X Factor. Instead, Simon was in America at the time (2012). Only 20 at the time, she was forced to pull out of X Factor when a hotel porter attacked her. She wrote a memoir about her traumatic experience, and Simon reached out to her last year.

Simon got his start with his own publishing house, signing writers, and he asked her if he could publish her music. They then became close when she signed with his Syco publishing label. This made her decide to reach out to Simon when she planned her wedding. She is estranged from her own father so Simon agreed to give her away.

“I was very honoured to be asked to walk Lucy down the aisle,” Simon said about the experience and wedding. “As soon as she asked me, I said yes. On the day I was actually quite nervous because l’ve never been asked before. And then very proud and happy and emotional.”

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