’90 Day Fiance’ Drew Barrymore Doubles Down After Angela Fallout

90 Day Fiance: Drew Barrymore - Angela Deem

90 Day Fiance cast member Angela Deem generated a lot of controversy recently when she appeared as a guest on The Drew Barrymore Show. While CBS caved under fan pressure following the backlash, it seems Drew Barrymore is doubling down in support of her guest. So, what’s the latest on this?

The Drew Barrymore Show Has Been A Hit With Viewers

Drew Barrymore has been in Hollywood for decades. She has been in the industry so long that most people who have never met her feel like they know her on some level. This was exactly the kind of familiarity that many surely banked on when it was announced that she would have her very own talk show.

These days, there are a lot of talk show hosts who rose to fame in other ways. Recent examples that come to mind include Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson, both of whom broke into the public eye through American Idol.

In Drew Barrymore’s case, she used her popularity, charisma, and famous friends to launch her own talk show. She gets up close and personal on the couch with those who appear on her show, and viewers love her take on things.

Drew Barrymore - YouTube
Drew Barrymore – YouTube

90 Day Fiance: Guest Angela Deem Drew Major Backlash

Recently, Drew Barrymore had controversial 90 Day Fiance star Angela Deem on as a guest. The interview itself was relatively tame when you consider the many ways that Angela has flown off the handle over the years, as veteran TLC fans know.

However, the simple fact that The Drew Barrymore Show had the 90 Day Fiance “Queen” on as a guest drew the ire of the masses. Social media users flooded different platforms, with many vowing to boycott the program and never watch it again.

90 Day Fiance: Drew Barrymore - Angela Deem
90 Day Fiance: Drew Barrymore – Angela Deem

Drew Barrymore Stands Her Ground Amid 90 Day Fiance Controversy

The way many 90 Day Fiance and The Drew Barrymore Show fans see it, CBS caved to the viewer pressure. It has been difficult to find clips of the Angela Deem interview online, let alone the full segment. The clips were pulled following the major uproar from viewers.

However, the main The Drew Barrymore Show YouTube account just uploaded the Angela Deem segment, even with all of the backlash that has happened. Even now, on the freshly uploaded clip, there are commenters calling the show out for bringing an “abuser” on as a guest.

Drew Barrymore and her talk show are certainly getting a lot of flak for doubling down and seemingly supporting Angela Deem, even as viewers grabbed their virtual pitchforks and raised hell.

This is certainly not the first time Drew Barrymore has faced controversy in her career, and it most likely won’t be the last, either. At least for now, though, it looks like she is standing her ground, and doubling down on her decision to have Angela Deem as a guest, whether people like it or not.

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