‘The Price Is Right’ Drew Carey Tells Contestant To Ignore Husband

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A recent contestant on The Price Is Right shooed her husband away as she made risky decisions on stage. Host Drew Carey cheered her along as she continued to ignore her hubby in the audience. Did it work in her favor? Keep reading to find out.

Contestant Takes A Risk On The Price Is Right At Night

The Price Is Right often shows contestants making difficult decisions under immense pressure. They are asked to name prices as people in the audience call out to them. Typically, the daytime version of the game show involves a number of different possible prices, including trips, cars, cash, and other things.

The beloved game show recently featured an emergency room nurse, Rachel, who was attempting to win a new Range Rover. A clip of the contestant’s game appeared on social media this week, and fans couldn’t believe her massive luck.

During the ER nurse’s time on The Price Is Right, she played a more high-risk game. This is because it happened on The Price Is Right At Night. On this version of the show, there are more expensive prizes available, including a Range Rover, which is much more expensive than the rides being given away on the daytime show.

Drew Carey on The Price is Right | YouTube
Drew Carey on The Price is Right | YouTube

That wasn’t the only thing on the table for the contestant though. Drew Carey informed her that she could also win $20,000 in cash on top of the sweet ride.

She played “Gas Money,” which is a game on The Price Is Right where the contestant has to choose the price tags that aren’t the price of the item. For her game, she had to choose all the prices that weren’t the price of the shiny new Range Rover.

“Here’s the trick: You can not pick the car price until the very end or at all, or you win nothing at all,” the host explained, “You can accumulate money along the way and stop whenever you want.” Clarifying, Drew Carey reiterated, telling her to not pick the car price first.

Drew Carey & Fans Thrilled To See Such A Big Win

The prices listed ranged from $65,109 to $75,339. She chose one of the prices, and thankfully it wasn’t the price of the car. Instead, she was awarded $4,000 and got to keep playing. As she continued, she wound up racking up $14,000.

It came down to the final two prices: $68,825 and $72,245. Tensions were high as Drew Carey explained to her that if she chose the right price, she would win 20 grand and the Range Rover. However, if she picked the wrong one, she’d leave with nothing.

That is when Rachel completely ignored her husband in the audience and continued to play the game. She waved him off as he suggested she take the $14,000 and move on. He could be seen in the audience, looking stressed and hoping his wife made the right choice.

Luckily, the final price tag revealed the $6,000, meaning she won $20K and would get to drive the Range Rover home. Drew Carey and folks at home were thrilled that she didn’t listened to naysayers in the audience. “Yes!” Drew exclaimed.

People on social media shared in her delight as well. “Yes that was awesome she kept her faith and stayed in the race,” one person wrote. Another viewer commented, “hubby was like quit, but she was like no which one? Bb.” A third person chimed in, writing, “She certainly has big brass ones to go all the way!!! So happy for her!!!!”

The Price Is Right airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for times.

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