‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans’ Horrid Accident Sends Her To ER

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Teen Mom: The Next Chapter star Jenelle Evans’ horrid accident sent her to the emergency room. So, what exactly happened, and is she okay? More so, what did fans have to say upon learning of her incident? Keep reading for more details.

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans’ Horrid Accident Sends Her To ER

Jenelle Evans just made her grand return to Teen Mom: The Next Chapter. While she was on there, she met up with Briana DeJesus. She shared she had left David Eason for good this time and wanted a fresh start. That meant possibly uprooting her kids and her life from North Carolina and looking at homes elsewhere. Jenelle was starting in Florida where Briana lived. She also noted she was headed to Las Vegas as she had a longtime friend named August out there. They had somewhat of a flirtation but she was not looking for anything at the moment.

Jenelle Evans-Facebook
Jenelle Evans-Facebook

Then, she just shared on Instagram that she had a horrid accident that sent her to the ER. The mother of three cannot walk plus she hurt her hip. So, what happened? As it turns out, Jenelle actually slipped down three carpeted stairs in her socks and that has left her bedridden now. Some followers told her she needed to get a scan as it could be far worse. Knowing that she has such an awful medical history, she needs to be very careful.

Jenelle Evans-Reddit/Instagram
Jenelle Evans-Reddit/Instagram

Jenelle shared a photo of herself in bed and noted that she needs to remind herself to slow down sometimes. Immediately, this was picked up and put in a Reddit thread as fans had many thoughts as to how she did this to herself. Keep in mind, this was before she shared that she slipped down the stairs. So, what did they have to say?

  • Could she have fallen down the stairs due to drugs?
  • She’s built like a toddler so she falls as often as a toddler.
  • She was just making a fool of herself “dancing” on tiktok.
  • What the h*ll does she do that would require her to slow down?? 

Mocking The Mama

Teen Mom fans had a field day mocking Jenelle Evans and her various ailments. She has been on a long search to find out what’s wrong with her. So, one follower said this:

  • Well at least it isn’t related to her “cysts” or her esphogheal spasms , or her not being able to breathe. I was afraid we were going back into that era again. Was this to get August to call her back ? lol. Since they had unfollowed one another last week.

Some were making jokes about her doing this so that August would have to tend to her three children. However, it seems that they are already over as they unfollowed one another. Now, it is up to Jenelle to heal herself. Of course, no one understands how she can be laid up in bed when she has three children. There were mothers saying they had no time to be sick for more than 30 minutes let alone two days.

Do you think Jenelle is playing this up or is she really hurt? Moreover, do you feel bad for what she is going through? Let us know in the comments and watch Teen Mom: The Next Chapter Thursdays on MTV.

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