‘Survivor’ Alum Drew Basile Battles To Capture $1M On ‘Jeopardy!’

Drew Basile - Survivor

Recently, Jeopardy! saw Ken Jennings name one new player, Drew Basile, a “Giant Killer.” Notably, that is an Alex Trebek’s coined phrase. However, that isn’t Drew’s only goal with his time on the show. Seemingly, Drew is still chasing the elusive $1M prize he missed on Survivor.

Drew Basile Becomes A ‘Giant Killer’

Within the last week, Drew Basile has gained a spot on Jeopardy! after taking on the champ, Adriana Harmeyer who now holds the 11th Jeopardy! longest streak. Along with that win, Drew is considered a “giant slayer” after ending the extended run of luck that Adriana displayed. While Adriana’s style of play closely resembled, Ken Jennings’ tried and true methods that helped him stay on a history-making 74-day show streak, unfortunately, it didn’t pan out the same way for her. While Drew took down the giant, some fans were turned off by his “gloating” by using Final Jeopardy! as a joke.

Drew Basile on Jeopardy! | YouTube
Drew Basile on Jeopardy! | YouTube

Survivor Alum Drew Basile Battles To Capture $1M On Jeopardy!

Although Survivor alum, Drew Basile, didn’t make it to the final five on the island, he is more than determined to capture $1M on Jeopardy! He is pursuing a master’s degree in English Literature at the University of Oxford in England. Furthermore, has won several trivia competitions in the past. Likewise, his experience with Survivor only sharpened his competitive edge. It was only the start of his big plan when he immediately stepped on stage and tackled the 15-time champion, Adriana Harmeyer. Since then, he has returned to show his wit on Thursday, June 20, and Friday, June 21. However, Friday was a battle of the fittest minds that brought them to a tiebreaker ending.

Drew Basile - Survivor - Instagram
Drew Basile – Survivor – Instagram

Fighting To Stay

During Friday’s Jeopardy! episode, Drew Basile pulled through by the skin of his teeth. Entering the Final Jeopardy! round, Drew had $20,000 and his opponent had $10,000. In the category “Sports,” Drew made a $0 wager, but his competitor went “all in” on the final clue. Josh Heit, a government relations professional from Silver Spring, Maryland, got the correct answer which tied Drew with $20,000.

Then, Ken Jennings gave Josh and Drew a tiebreaker question. “SCIENCE – This phenomenon named for a 19th-century man is apparent in moving light sources as well as moving sound sources.” Drew got it right with, “What is the Doppler effect?” The final scores for the round were Drew’s $20,000, with the tiebreaker win, Richelle’s $995, and Josh’s $20,000. That gives Drew a total winning pot of $53,282 with his three-day streak. However, he’s still in the running. He continues to march toward the elusive one million dollar prize that got away during Survivor.

Check out Drew Basile’s continued challenge on Monday, June 24.

What do you think about Drew Basile’s battle to capture the elusive $1M prize? Do you think he can get the coveted prize? Are you enjoying Survivor and Jeopardy! crossover? Drop your comments below.

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