‘Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown Becomes Bigger Villain Than Kody?

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Has Sister Wives star Robyn Brown become a bigger villain than her husband, Kody Brown? They have been on equal footing for some time. Yet, have the tides turned and is Robyn now the worst of them both? Keep reading for more details on why she may have taken the crown and the title.

Sister Wives Robyn Brown Becomes Bigger Villain Than Kody?

When Kody Brown married Robyn Brown, it seemed like that was just what the Sister Wives family needed. He already had three wives, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown Woolley. Yet, Robyn was the icing on the cake for the family and she seemed very eager to immerse herself in any way possible. However, she soon became Kody’s favorite as she did whatever he needed and wanted, just like Christine did. As time went by, he spent all of his time with Robyn and his other thirteen kids felt the distance as well as favoritism.

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The thing about Robyn was she always played the victim, crying with no tears, and acted as if she really cared only about what was best for the family. Yet, what she really only cared about was Robyn. More so, she wanted to make sure her five children were cared for and she had what she needed. Now, a Reddit thread has been started calling out Robyn. The OP referred to her as a “hypocrite” and added this:

  • I was just watching a talk back confessional where Robyn says “I think when another wife is controlling what a husband enough to affect other relationships, she’s a bad sister wife”. Uh wasn’t she controlling Meri for years

They also noted how she manipulated Janelle’s sons so they could not participate in familial activities. There were so many examples so did others agree on how horrid she was and is?

  • She’s clearly one of those people who see themselves as victims in a lot of situations and is the most passive/aggressive person I’ve ever seen.
  • She’s an interfering busy body hypocrite. 
  • I agree, she’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Hypocrite To The Core

Most Sister Wives fans agreed with the assessment that Robyn Brown was the biggest hypocrite. She would say how she thinks things should be in marriage and how the wives should be treated. Then, she would do and want the complete opposite as long as it suits her and her needs. Hence why she is more devilish than Kody Brown because he is just doing what he can to appease his wife. His last remaining and only legal wife.

What are your thoughts on Robyn Brown? Do you agree she is worse than Kody or are they one and the same? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. They are equally evil! Do not like either. Yes Robyn is sly and manipulative and Cody thinks he is a real man, he isn’t a man’s AR..!

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