‘RHONJ’ Rachel Fuda Mocks ‘Laughingstock’ Jackie Goldschneider

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RHONJ star Rachel Fuda mocked co-star and “laughingstock” Jackie Goldschneider after the Sunday, June 23rd episode. It was a pivotal episode of the season as Andy Cohen had foreshadowed how dynamics would shift in the upcoming weeks. He did not disappoint and masks were removed, proving why alliances had really been formed. Meanwhile, Rachel just sad back and relished in the moment. Keep reading for more details on what went down.

RHONJ Rachel Fuda Mocks ‘Laughingstock’ Jackie Goldschneider

It was a weird twist when Jackie Goldschneider and Teresa Giudice made amends and became good friends. This rubbed Margaret Josephs and Melissa Gorga the wrong way, especially since Jackie and Teresa had gone after each other since the beginning. Fans believed that Jackie was using Teresa so she could get airtime as she was just a “friend of.” Or, maybe she was trying to get more book sales by being aligned with Teresa. However, Jackie maintained that she loved the positive energy Teresa brought with her and only wanted that kind of people around her.

Jackie Goldschneider- Instagram
Jackie Goldschneider- Instagram

Recently, Jackie appeared on WWHL and Andy Cohen hinted that things were about to come out that could change their dynamic. In the Sunday, June 23rd episode, Teresa openly told Dolores Catania that she did not care about Jackie but knew she had a mouth on her. She wanted to expose Margaret and was using Jackie to do just that. Furthermore, Jennifer Aydin was helping her achieve that goal. Co-star Rachel Fuda, who already has beef with Teresa, appeared on WWHL right after RHONJ and shared her thoughts.

According to Monsters & Critics, Rachel Fuda was questioned about the whole Jackie, Teresa, and Jennifer situation. Teresa did spend some time trying to press Jackie to spill what Margaret had said about the ladies. To all the drama, Rachel simply said this:

“My reaction is that she is the laughingstock of Bravo right now.”

She went on to add that the women played Jackie but they had no problem saying that was their plan all along.

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Fans Speak Out

After seeing Rachel Fuda call Jackie Goldschneider the “laughingstock,” what did RHONJ fans have to say?

  • I think Rachel is the new star of housewives
  • @Rache Fuda you are the BEST! Jackie, Jen and Teresa need to go.
  • @Rachel Fuda nailed it!!! Jackie will never admit that Teresa is playing her 😂😂

As to what Teresa Giudice said about using Jackie, fans could not believe women in their fifties were acting this way:

  • It’s actually embarrassing to be in your 50’s and playing these childish games to “take someone down”
  • I can’t believe T actually said it out loud!! 😮

Do you think that Jackie will ever realize what is actually going on or will she just stay blind to Teresa’s ways? More so, do you agree with Rachel about everyone laughing at Jackie? Let us know your thoughts and watch RHONJ Sundays on Bravo.

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