‘RHOA’ Kenya Moore’s Shocking Monthly Income Revealed

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Kenya Moore is in the middle of a bitter divorce with her ex-husband Marc Daly. As a result, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star’s finances were made public. You might be shocked to find out exactly how many the reality TV star is making each month. Despite her earnings, she is seeking payment from Marc. Keep reading to find out the details of their proposed arrangement.

Kenya Moore Rakes In Five Figures Per Month

In Touch Weekly got ahold of the divorce settlement between Kenya Moore and Marc Daly. The agreement, which was fledged out in December 2023, was signed by a judge this month.

The court documents show that Marc agreed to let the RHOA star have primary custody of their daughter, Brooklyn. They also agreed to share legal custody of the five-year-old.

Where things get interesting is in the child support addendum. Because Kenya Moore will have primary custody of the child, she is seeking child support from Marc Daly. In the paperwork filed for child support, it was revealed that Kenya’s gross monthly income is $89,050. Marc’s monthly gross income, on the other hand, was listed at just $5,000 per month.

Kenya Moore-YouTube
Kenya Moore-YouTube

Despite that, March was ordered by the court to pay $2,000 per month in child support to Kenya. On top of that, he agreed to add another $1,000 to the payment to go towards the child’s college fund.

As a part of their agreement, neither Kenya nor Marc would receive an alimony payment. Additionally, the RHOA star‘s name was changed back to Kenya Summer Moore.

Trouble For Kenya On Real Housewives Of Atlanta

When it comes to whether or not Brooklyn would be allowed to appear on Real Housewives, it looks like Kenya will be able to include the child in the Bravo show “or for any other economic opportunities for Mother.” However, she will be required to discuss any opportunity involving Brooklyn with Marc.

Kenya Moore first filed for divorce in 2019 after the pair were married for less than two years. She battled Marc in court for four years before they finally settled. At the time, Kenya said that she was thankful for her support system.

Kenya Moore-YouTube
Kenya Moore-YouTube

She continued, “I’m excited for this next chapter in my life and being the best mom I can be for my daughter, Brooklyn … As a hopeless romantic, I still believe my forever person exists and know I’ll have my happily ever after ending after all.”

Although she is denying claims being made against her, Kenya Moore is allegedly suspended from Real Housewives Of Atlanta this month following an incident with Brittany Eady. Bravo has not yet confirmed whether or not the RHOA star is suspended or not, but if she is it could seriously hurt her monthly earnings.

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