‘Love After Lockup’ Maurice Gipson A Victim In Violent Shooting?

Love After Lockup: Maurice Gipson

Love After Lockup celeb Maurice Gipson appears to be one of the victims following a violent shooting in Westlake, a neighborhood in Los Angeles. So, what do we know so far about this situation?

Love After Lockup: Maurice Gipson Appeared In Scenes With Jessica Gipson

Longtime Love After Lockup fans will remember Maurice Gipson’s scenes with Jessica Gipson when the pair filmed for WEtv. As with most relationships with a felon, there was a lot of toxicity between these two in their relationship, and most viewers did not expect that they would last.

The Love After Lockup pair eventually tied the knot and even had a child together. Even so, the duo ultimately did not stay together for the long haul. One of the things that viewers were concerned about was whether or not Maurice would return to his criminal ways, as not everyone succeeds at going the straight and narrow once they are out of the clink.

Love After Lockup: Maurice Gipson - Jessica Gipson
Love After Lockup: Maurice Gipson – Jessica Gipson/YouTube

Maurice Went Back To Criminal Ways With New Woman

It turns out, it didn’t take Maurice very long to return to his criminal ways. Along with that, he popped up with a new woman named Mandy. As one example of his return to his former life of crime, Starcasm reported back in November of 2022 that Maurice and his new boo were charged with grand theft, conspiracy, and possession of a prescription drug for personal use.

As Love After Lockup fans have seen with various cast members from the popular franchise, it’s hard for a lot of felons to turn legit following their releases back into the outside world. While the show certainly glorifies the felon lifestyle to a point, there are also very real consequences, including felon cast members going back behind bars.

Maurice Gipson/YouTube

Love After Lockup: Maurice A Victim In Violent Shooting?

Based on recent reports making the rounds, Maurice Gipson is allegedly a victim in a violent shooting that took place in Westlake, a neighborhood in Los Angeles. There were two victims following the shooting. Maurice Gipson is one of the alleged victims, however, at the time of this writing, there has not been official confirmation.

There is one major clue, however. In clips making the rounds online, you can see Mandy on the phone while paramedics load a man who looks like Maurice onto a stretcher. Reports say that the victims were “rushed” to the hospital, and that the suspect wore “a black ski mask and no shirt.”


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It’s not clear if Maurice Gipson was into any other shady dealings that brought this on, or if he happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Either way, this developing story is one worth keeping an eye on as more reports on the incident become available.

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