Lisa Vanderpump Reveals If She Likes Kristen Doute Or Not

Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa Vanderpump has revealed if she likes Kristen Doute or not. Fans know that there has always been some tension between Lisa and Kristen. However, Lisa has gone into detail about their relationship. Kristen has also accused Lisa’s daughter, Pandora, of faking her accent. This could have caused more tension between the two as well. Keep reading to find out more about this.

Kristen Doute Calls Pandora’s Accent Fake

Kristen has said that Lisa’s daughter, Pandora, is faking her accent. However, Lisa proved Kristen wrong in the situation.

“The only thing I think she might do is put on a little bit of an American accent when she’s with her American friends, she went to school in the South of France for many years … She was in America till she was 8 and then she came back to America when she was 19. And her parents are British. They both have a British accent. She gets everything twisted, Kristen.”

Fans were not shocked that Kristen would say something like that. However, Lisa did not hesitate to prove Kristen wrong. Kristen does not know anything about accents and was just saying that.

[Credit: Pandora Vanderpump/Instagram]
[Credit: Pandora Vanderpump/Instagram]

Does Lisa Vanderpump Like Kristen Or Not?

Lisa Vanderpump has revealed whether or not she likes Kristen Doute. 

“I was very nice to her to put her on my show. I did bring the group to the casting … she was part of the group but I always felt Kristen was right in the middle of everything and liked to stir things up. Even as a waitress, she would make things more complicated than it was. That’s what I don’t like … But I didn’t dislike her, I knew she was part of that friend group and I wanted her to be part of the cast.”

Fans were shocked that Lisa does not dislike Kristen as she has given off that vibe in the past. However, they admire Lisa for involving Kristen in the show regardless of her feelings toward her. Lisa also revealed that she would not let Jax Taylor or Kristen Doute work at her restaurant again. However, she would let Tom Schwartz and Lala Kent return.

Lisa Vanderpump/YouTube
Lisa Vanderpump/YouTube

It seems that Lisa does not dislike Kristen as a person. She just disliked things Kristen did at work and in their friend group. However, she is happy to see Kristen on The Valley and the way that she is being authentic to herself. Fans have mixed feelings about whether they like Kristen on the show or not. Lisa was not even mad about Kristen saying her daughter was faking her accent, just proved that she was wrong. What do you think about this all? Are you shocked at what Lisa had to say? Sound off in the comments below.

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