Is Travis Kelce Thinking About Proposing To Taylor Swift?

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Recently, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift took a significant step in making their relationship “official.” Now, fans catch a big clue that Travis may be thinking about proposing to Taylor after the England tour.

Travis Kelce And Taylor Swift Are Getting More Serious

Over the weekend, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce took a big step in making their romance official. While the two have dated for nearly a year, there have been plenty of hints they are together, but now they are Instagram official as well. However, with Travis supporting his partner by frequently attending her shows and Taylor accompanying him to sports events, they are finally giving more hints that the relationship going deeper. During the tour of England, Travis gave fans clues that he may be thinking about popping the question.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce from The Tonight Show, Sourced from YouTube
Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce from The Tonight Show – YouTube

Is Travis Kelce Thinking About Proposing To Taylor Swift?

Since attending Taylor Swift’s concert in London, fans think Travis Kelce is thinking about proposing. On social media, fans are commenting on Travis’ reaction during “Love Story” at Taylor’s show on Friday. Although this isn’t his first time to “let go” with the song, it was more subtle during this occasion. While the popular song is being sung by his girlfriend, Travis sways back and forth nonchalantly. His brother Jason Kelce and his wife, Kylie, are also in the VIP tent. Picking up enthusiasm, Travis begins to air drum to the song.

Travis Kelce can't help but  give a sly smile while dancing to "Love Song." - X
Travis Kelce can’t help but give a sly smile while dancing to “Love Song.” – X

However, when the lyrics “He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring / And said, ‘Marry me, Juliet / You’ll never have to be alone,’” fans see Travis grin as she sings. Furthermore, he gets more into the song as it goes. Likewise, his grin becomes increasingly childlike leading fans to believe the engagement may be close.

Fans See The Writing On The Wall

After the video circulated on the Internet, some fans weighed in on Travis Kelce’s thoughts about proposing to Taylor Swift.

  • “It’s probably my imagination but…. It really looks like Travis gives a small, sly grin when she sings about kneeling and pulling out a ring,” an X user says.
  • “She has watched so many women be proposed to at her concerts, what if he walked out on stage during that song and proposed to her???” one TikTok fan asks.
  • “I meannnn, his smirk, the song, the whole gang being there, all I’m saying is that it wouldn’t be a bad time 😉,” another sleuth says.
Travis Kelce begins to get into the song by dancing and drumming.  - X
Travis Kelce begins to get into the song by dancing and drumming. – X

Insider Talks About Travis Kelce’s Intentions

But Swifties aren’t the only ones talking about Travis Kelce’s marriage intentions. Although Travis isn’t letting out a peep about the proposal plans, an insider gave Page Six the scoop earlier this year. They told the outlet that Travis and Taylor have had discussions about engagement already. Notably, the source predicts he is waiting until their first anniversary in July. Likewise, another source spills, “Scott has been asked for his blessing and has wholeheartedly given it, and Travis has been talking to friends about a ring.”

Fans think he may be ready to propose to Taylor Swift. - X
Fans think Travis Kelce may be ready to propose to Taylor Swift. – X

Although the couple became public in September 2023, they have had minimal social media presence together up until this point. But the couple is fully supportive of each other. She attends football games and he has already flown to South America, Asia, and Europe to see her perform on stage. As the Time 2023 Person Of The Year, Taylor said, “When you say a relationship is public, that means I’m going to see him do what he loves, we’re showing up for each other, other people are there and we don’t care.”

Swifties pick up on his childlike grin during "Love Song" - X
Swifties pick up on Travis Kelce’s childlike grin during “Love Song” – X

Time will tell if Travis Kelce’s proposal is next month, near their first-year mark.

What do you think? Is Travis Kelce getting ready to propose? Do you think his slight smirk shows it is on his mind? Do you think Taylor Swift is ready for marriage? Drop your thoughts below.

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