Gwen Stefani’s Shocking ‘The Voice’ Salary Revealed

Gwen Stefani-YouTube

Gwen Stefani’s shocking The Voice salary has been revealed. The singer has been a coach on and off since Season 7. She will make her return this fall in Season 26 alongside Reba McEntire and newcomers, Snoop Dogg and Michael Buble. So, how much will she be taking home for her time in the chair? Keep reading for more details.

Gwen Stefani’s Shocking The Voice Salary Revealed

The Voice experienced quite a shakeup when Blake Shelton exited the hit reality singing competition after Season 23. He was an OG coach and had been there since the beginning. Reba McEntire came in and essentially took over for him, with Blake’s wife, Gwen Stefani by her side. She had been a coach for Seasons 7, 9, 12, 17, 19, 22, and then again in 24. Gwen will not be back for the upcoming season and fans have been torn on her after her last go-round. They did not care for her choices in her team and who she kept or who she let go.

Gwen Stefani-YouTube
Gwen Stefani-YouTube

Now, with her making her grand return, how much will the coach be raking in for the season and her time? According to The Sun, Gwen will bring home thirteen million dollars, per an insider. Reba McEntire is raking in about the same amount despite only having two seasons under her belt. This seems to be the standard rate for coaches on the show as Blake brought in the same but he did two seasons per year. Therefore, his yearly total was twenty-six million.


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The biggest issue with Gwen Stefani taking The Voice gig is allegedly her future with No Doubt. After the band reunited at Coachella, fans were thrilled to see them back together. Apparently, they were offered a plethora of touring opportunities which would have been huge. Not just because there are so many No Doubt faithfuls but because they had not toured in over a decade. Yet, Gwen feels that she is just fine on her own, according to an insider:

“She gets private bookings all the time to do solo gigs and of course she plays those songs. It is a business decision really. ‘Go to work and take in all the cash on your own or split it several ways?’”

Gwen Is Back

Now that Gwen Stefani is back on The Voice, are fans excited to see her again or are they hesitant? It seems like they are more thrilled for the newcomers, especially Snoop Dogg:

  • I haven’t watched since around season 17 or 18 but snoop dogg might be enough to bring me back ngl
  • Michael Buble 😮Snoop & Reba gonna be BFFs look out Martha😂
  • Thank God Gewn is coming back. Lose Reba….
  • We need a lineup of Adam , Kelly , Gwen , legend

So, in the end, this looks like it may be a really great season and fans are ready and raring to go when The Voice returns in the fall.

What do you think of Gwen Stefani’s paycheck? Do you like that the coaches get paid the same no matter how long they have been on the show? Let us know in the comments below.

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