‘General Hospital’ Bryan Craig Making Shocking Return This Summer

Morgan Corinthos | General Hospital

General Hospital star Bryan Craig is making his return to the daytime soap opera this summer as Morgan Corinthos. This comes after executive producer Frank Valentini said, “A former cast member is coming back. And I think that the audience will go crazy for HIM.”

That turned out to reference Bryan Craig, and here is what you need to know.

Bryan Craig Returning To General Hospital

The news of Bryan Craig’s General Hospital return has been leaked. He will be back on the show this summer as Morgan Corinthos. This comes as a slight surprise since he appeared to die on the daytime soap in a car bombing.

Bryan Craig - YouTube/State of Mind With Maurice Benard
YouTube/State of Mind With Maurice Benard

However, with the good news comes the bad. It appears that while Valentini teased that this return would make fans go “crazy,” it is only for one episode at this time. Bryan returns to General Hospital for one episode in early August (via TV Line).

There is no word on what his return means or even if he will be back as a real person or in a flashback or hallucination scene. His dad, Sonny (Maurice Benard) has alienated himself from almost everyone in Port Charles. His return is almost surely tied to Sonny’s current problems on the daytime soap.

Sonny just this week made a big move on General Hospital when he told Ava that she was moving out. This comes after she launched a dark plan against Nina and even covered up the fact Sonny’s bipolar medications were tampered with. This could cause Ava to lash out, but something needs to happen soon to explain Morgan’s return.

What Happened To Morgan On General Hospital?

Morgan Corinthos died on General Hospital. However, as with the best soap opera storylines, no one ever found his body, and this left the door open for Bryan Craig to return one day to the role.

Bryan Craig - YouTube/ABC
Bryan Craig – YouTube/ABC

Morgan Corinthos had a tough life. His mother, Carly, went into labor while in a panic room, and Sonny accidentally shot her while aiming at Ric Lansing. Later, as a toddler, A.J. Quartermaine kidnapped Morgan and his siblings. Through the years, he struggled thanks to his dad’s criminal enterprise and his connection to it.

Morgan eventually ends up in a relationship with Ava, which leads to him trying to betray his father alongside Julian Jerome. He then shoots Sonny’s bodyguard, Max. He was able to patch things up, but then Sonny learned that Morgan also struggled with bipolar disorder and had him institutionalized.

Sadly, Dr. Andre Maddox was not giving Morgan his medications, and this caused him to experience massive highs and lows, and he attempted suicide. Finally, he stole Julian’s car, and that is when it exploded, killing him. Sonny and Carly went through a great deal of pain after his death, and even Ava felt guilt and hallucinated him.

Now, Morgan is coming back, but whether he is still alive somewhere or is just returning as another hallucination remains to be seen.

Are you excited to see Bryan Craig return to General Hospital? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Love Bryan Craig. Watched him in many things since he left GH. One episode is a tease n certainly not enough.

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