Fans Think ‘Deal Or No Deal Island’ Needs Famous Contestants

Deal Or No Deal Island

Season 1 of Deal Or No Deal Island was a success. However, fans are worried about how they will keep viewers watching for the second season. This is due to Boston Rob being the main reason viewers watched the show. However, the show was fun to watch and fans are excited to see the cast for the show’s new season. Keep reading to find out more.

Boston Rob Keeps Fans Watching

Boston Rob Mariano was a big reason fans kept watching last season. A lot of viewers said if Rob went home, they would stop watching. Rob has a big fanbase due to his several appearances on Survivor. So, there were a lot of people rooting for him. Unfortunately, he did not win the show, and this was due to a penalty he received. He looked over at Amy’s board which caused him to be set behind the rest of the players. This cost him his game and he was out at that point. Fans were devastated to see him go. However, he kept people watching. How are they going to keep fans watching next season?

Boston Rob Mariano
Boston Rob Mariano

Deal Or No Deal Island Needs Famous Stars

Fans think that the show needs to have at least one famous star in the competition to keep viewers intrigued. 

  • “That makes sense. The show needed BRob last season. Traitors similarly did half and half their first season and then switched to all reality TV people.”
  • “They got so lucky that Rob did so well. Without him staying until the end, the show’s life would be on such a different trajectory.”
  • “I’m happy this is coming back but so many reality shows I don’t watch. Prob won’t recognize a lot of the contestants but still looking forward to it .. and Joe, of course!”
  • “When Rob was gone I stopped watching I don’t even know who won”

Fans do not want to watch the show if there is not someone they know they are rooting for.

Deal Or No Deal Island/YouTube
Deal Or No Deal Island/YouTube

It seems that the only way fans think the show will continue to get good ratings is if they have at least one famous star on the show. It may eventually transition into all reality TV stars. However, other shows like Survivor, do just fine with normal people competing to win. It is unknown if there will be another popular star in the next season. Who would you like to see be on Deal Or No Deal Island? Sound off in the comments below.

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