Craig Conover Reveals If Relationship With Paige Is Endgame

Craig Conover

Craig Conover has opened up about his relationship with Paige DeSorbo. He revealed if he thinks they are endgame or not. Fans want to see the two get married and have children one day. However, viewers know that Paige is not ready to take those steps just yet. She has been moving at a slow pace and Craig has been very understanding of her timeline. Is this going to work for him forever? Keep reading to find out what he has to say.

Craig Conover Reveals Southern Charm Focus Point

Craig has revealed that the next season of Southern Charm is going to focus on a couple of different things. Austen Kroll has a new girlfriend. Their relationship is going to be focused on a lot. As well as Shep’s journey to being sober. At the reunion of the show’s last season, Shep revealed that he thinks his drinking had become an issue. He wanted to cut out liquor and was going to become sober. This is something Craig can relate to. He cut out liquor a while back and he is excited to see Shep sober and focus on their friendship outside of a party scene.

Craig Conover-Instagram
Craig Conover-Instagram

Does He Think Their Relationship Is Endgame?

Craig has gone into detail on his relationship with Paige.

“We’ve got our bees, she was down [in Charleston] yesterday and we got our new bees and we’re hanging out with them. Then we get to go up to the city and live the New York City lifestyle. And for us it works, I think the goal now is to be engaged one day. To get married one day and have kids one day, and whenever that happens for us, it happens. It’ll be a surprise. I think it’s really unique that we get to see the dynamics between the two shows. She gets to come down for Southern Charm and jump in [and] just kind of observe the craziness of our friend group, it’s always fun to pop into the craziness of their friend group [on Summer House], and I think that they have a lot of stuff going on. It’ll be exciting to see how we all evolve over the next few years with Bravo, our lives are changing, TV’s changing and how that looks and how we can share even more of our lives with the viewers I think is what I’m excited about.”

Fans love seeing the two interact with each other’s friends on the two different shows.

Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo
Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo

It seems that Craig’s goal in their relationship is to be married and have children. Fans want this to happen as they love the two together. They have a healthy relationship that fans admire. However, people are wondering if Paige is ever going to be ready for that. As much as people love her, they want to see the two take the next step in their relationship. What do you think about it? Do you think they will get engaged anytime soon? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. Paige is thinking only of herself , she won’t be happy I Charleston, Craig won’t be happy in NY, time to take a break and see how they feel. Date other people and see how they really feel about each other. Maybe Craig will meet someone who is ready for marriage, Paige is nothing special.

  2. I think Craig should do whatever makes him happy. He is such a really good guy with great morals & standards. Paige better think twice because any woman would want Craig. You just don’t find many guys like Craig anymore.

  3. Paige comes off as if she’s something really special. She’s not. Watching her with Jesse Solomon, more her type. Shallow, no brained. Set Craig loose. He’s too handsome, gentlemanly and kind for you.

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