‘Botched’ Patient Wants To Have ‘World’s Biggest Boobs’

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Patients who appear on Botched often have strange requests or unbelievable stories. Oftentimes, viewers chastize the individuals who are asking for (or have received) insane amounts of surgery. However, a woman who was recently featured on the reality TV show is receiving backlash from her own friend after hearing what she wants done. Continue reading to see how her interaction with Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow went.

Woman’s Friend Is ‘Judging’ Her Desire For Huge Boobs

The E! Entertainment show has undoubtedly seen all walks of life. Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow work to help each one of them fix previously botched surgeries. Some people have come in with cement injected into their faces instead of botox, others have “caved in” noses as a result of a bad nose job.

Whatever the case may be, the doctors attempt to provide each patient with a judgment-free zone to talk about their appearance. That being said, if a procedure would put a patient’s health in jeopardy, they are always cautious. In the past, they have declined certain patients because the surgery might be too risky or it’s simply not possible to achieve the goal they are shooting for.

Dr. Terry Dubrow - YouTube/E! Entertainment
YouTube/E! Entertainment

A recent episode showed a patient coming in for a consultation with her friend. Dr. Dubrow tells the patient that they aren’t judging at all, then turns to ask the patient’s friend, “Are you judging?” As it turns out, she was.

Her friend admitted, “I have been judging, I’ve told her multiple times ‘it’s bigger than my head’… I’ve told her that she’s not going to be able to drive, or sleep on her stomach, or take a selfie, even.”

Ultimately, her friend’s goal is to “become her online persona” and hold the record for the “world’s biggest boobs.” Although it’s her choice at the end of the day, Botched viewers have started to weigh in on her desire to have more surgery.

Botched Viewers Shocked About The Outcome

The clip, which was shared online, shows the woman in what appears to be post-op. Some people couldn’t believe the Botched doctors would do something so bizarre. One person wrote, “This is disgraceful,” while another added, “What quack of a doctor would do this to someone?”

A third person commented, pointing out that the woman was actually wearing a prosthetic of some sort. “That’s not real it’s fake. You can see it on her neck,” they wrote. Another agreed, “It’s obviously a breast plate and not surgery, yall. Lol”

You can see a clearly defined line across the patient’s neck in the clip, pointing to her wearing fake breasts.

Botched viewers can see the exchange between the doctors and the influencer on Season 8, Episode 7. In the end, Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow declined to operate on the woman due to “thinning skin.”


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