’90 Day Fiance’ Did Manuel Velez Move Back To Ecuador?

Manuel Velez

90 Day Fiance fans are dying to know if Manuel Velez went back to Ecuador after getting into a massive fight with his wife, Ashley Michelle. Viewers have seen the two go through some ups and downs. A lot of their problems are regarding money. However, the situation caused the two to have a big fight and Manuel left the house. Are they still together? Keep reading to find out.

Ashley Michelle Has Big Debt

Ashley Michelle revealed the large amount of debt she had to her husband for the first time. This shocked Manuel Velez. Ashley revealed that she has around $100,00 in student loan debt. Manuel was not expecting to hear that his wife was this much into debt. He was not happy with what he had heard and told Ashley she needed to be better about saving her money and not spending it on things like coffee. This also bothered Manuel because he thinks Ashley is responsible for sending money back to his family. This is what has caused a lot of the problems in their marriage.

Manuel Velez, Ashley Michelle-90 Day Fiance-YouTube
Manuel Velez, Ashley Michelle-90 Day Fiance-YouTube

Did Manuel Velez Move Back To Ecuador?

Ashley was not happy that Manuel would not tell her where the money she gave him was going. However, he did not tell her because he was sending it to his baby mama to help his children. Not only was he sending money, but they were still in a lot of contact. The two ended up having a big blow-up fight and Manuel left. Fans thought he may have gone back to Ecuador after he said:

“If you’re not going to help me, I have no choice but go back,”

However, Manuel and Ashley are still together, and he is still living in the United States. He posted on Instagram a video of Ashley dancing with her friends at a Juneteenth celebration. Does this shock you? Did you expect the two to have split already?

It seems the two of them have worked out their issues and are still married and living together. Fans were happy to see that the two worked it out. However, people are hoping that they can work on their issues and be more open and honest with each other. Fans are still unsure if Manuel is only with Ashley for a green card and money. What do you think about their relationship? Do you think they are good together? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. Know I don’t think they should be together. Sorry if you have to struggle that much and not be happy, and he takes your money to send to babies mommy no way ! It’s his obligation not yours ! Baby mommy deserv
    Ed money but not yours

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