Tom Cruise’s Daughter, Suri Officially Done With Dad After HS Graduation?

Tom Cruise-YouTube

Is Tom Cruise’s youngest daughter, Suri Cruise, officially done with her father after she graduated from high school? Rumors have been circulating that she dropped his last name after he had been MIA in her life for some time. Now, she is asserting her power and showing she is fine without him. Keep reading for more details.

Tom Cruise’s Daughter, Suri Officially Done With Dad After HS Graduation?

Tom Cruise has three children, two from his marriage to Nicole Kidman and one from his marriage to Katie Holmes. He is still close with his older children, Isabella and Connor but he has distanced himself from his youngest child, Suri. She is now eighteen years old and has grown up before fans’ very eyes. Recently, she attended her high school prom and has made her mother, actress Katie Holmes, extremely proud. Katie is best known for her role as Joey Potter on Dawson’s Creek.

Katie Holmes-YouTube
Katie Holmes-YouTube

She has been singlehandedly raising Suri into a beautiful young lady who just graduated high school. According to Page Six, Tom was not in attendance for Suri’s big day. More so, he was off in London for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour where he was seen dancing and having the time of his life. As for Suri, she donned her red cap and gown as she graduated from LaGuardia High School on Friday, June 21st. Under her graduate attire, she wore a long white spaghetti-strap sundress. Alongside her was her mother, Katie Holmes, who dressed in a matching collared pants set.

More so, when it came to the program, Suri was not listed as “Suri Cruise” but rather “Suri Noelle.” That was clearly making a statement she had distanced herself from Tom Cruise. The actor could not be bothered to attend his daughter’s big day. Allegedly, the two have not seen each other in over a decade and she is moving on and up. In the fall, Suri will supposedly attend Carnegie Mellon for her undergraduate studies.

Suri Realized

Upon seeing what Suri has chosen to be called, fans chimed in with their thoughts on the situation. Of course, some felt that Katie Holmes should have ended up with her ex-boyfriend, Chris Klein. However, others felt that Suri made the right choice by finally realizing what kind of dad Tom Cruise is and was:

  • She realized how much of a Ioser her dad is
  • He went to Taylor Swift’s concert in London instead of going to his daughter graduation… Another dead beat loser celebrity dad.
  • Good for her can never respect a man that abandoned his kid for a church
  • I will never go to another Tom Cruise movie. Disgusting.

Hopefully, Suri is proud of all that she has achieved thus far and will continue to excel in her life. What are your thoughts about her dropping Tom Cruise’s last name? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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    1. My parents didn’t come to my college graduation. They preferred to go to their beach house instead….a place they could go to anytime they wanted. I am still not over it 58 years later. It was the most important day in my life so far at that point and they just didn’t want to go to it.

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