‘The Valley’ Jax Taylor Flirts With Brittany, Hopes For Reconciliation?

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The Valley star Jax Taylor was caught flirting with his estranged wife, Brittany Cartwright. Yet, is he hoping there will be a reconciliation? Or, does he just want a constant plaything around at all times? Keep reading to find out all that went down between the exes.

The Valley Jax Taylor Flirts With Brittany, Hopes For Reconciliation?

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright separated in January 2024 but did not announce the news until the following month. This came as the Vanderpump Rules spinoff, The Valley, was getting ready to premiere. Some thought it was for publicity but the couple shared that it certainly was not. Cameras went back up as Brittany left their Valley Village home. One issue Brittany had was Jax’s constant lies such as him telling his House of Villains co-stars that she had a stroke. She did not and it opened a can of worms plus he said they were back together when, again, that was a lie.

Brittany Cartwright/Vanderpump Rules/Instagram
Brittany Cartwright-Instagram

He also said he was headed to therapy but she believed he only made the appointment because cameras were coming back. Jax never ended up going and now he is claiming he is going through a midlife crisis. He also took a dig at Brittany after the Season 1 finale of The Valley by saying:

Ask Brittany who she has been sleeping with the last 4 months.”

Now, a Reddit thread has been started based on their recent When Reality Hits podcast and it appears the two were very flirtatious. The OP even questioned if the two were still “hooking up”:

  • Jax says “the other day you said should we have s*x” and Brittany said “oh gosh, ofc you’re going to tell everyone that” or something like that. And they don’t say separated anymore, they say “our relationship is in a weird place.”

He also said he hoped that he was going to get some for his birthday which is in July. More so, it was noted that it seems, as much as Brittany Cartwright may want to get away from Jax Taylor, she just can’t quit him.

Is There A Chance?

After reading all of this, did fellow The Valley fans think that there was a chance of reconciliation for the couple? Or, will Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright always have a flirtatious relationship?

  • My guess based on my own opinion is Britany doesn’t want children with multiple men. And she wants a kid as soon as possible. She’s probably not on birth control and hopes Jax slips up on protection.
  • I bet this “separation” was to get ahead of the news about Jax sleeping with other people.
  • Jax also says editing makes him look worse and it doesn’t show any of the stuff Brittany says to Jax. So he really doesn’t seem sorry 😂
  • And this is why I can’t have sympathy for Britt. She knows exactly who he is. 💯💯

Fans were mixed on the reasoning but, in the end, the consensus was that Brittany and Jax would end up together in some capacity. He has a hold on her and she is not letting go.

Do you agree that they will get back together sometime down the line? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I need someone to tell me these two “parents” are not changing a 3 year old’s dirty diaper on the surface of a bar, in a restaurant that serves food, in full view of the public/paying customers. It cannot be. WATCH THE VIDEO!


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