Tamara Braun Opens Up About Steve Burton Leaving ‘DOOL’

Tamara Braun and Steve Burton/Credit: 'DOOL' YouTube

Steve Burton is leaving DOOL after returning to General Hospital earlier this year. Tamara Braun reveals how his character leaves the canvas and how she feels about losing her co-star. Keep reading for the latest.

How Does Harris Michaels Leave Salem?

Steve Burton reprised the role of Harris Michaels on the Days of Our Lives spinoff Beyond Salem in 2022. The career move came after he was fired from General Hospital for refusing to comply with the COVID-era vaccine mandate.

He previously played the role in 1988 at the start of his acting career. He continued playing the role of Harris on the main soap and eventually, the show put Harris together with bad girl Ava Vitali, played by his former GH co-star Tamara Braun.

Steve Burton/'DOOL' YouTube
Steve Burton/’DOOL’ YouTube

In early 2024, he made the announcement that he was leaving Days of Our Lives to return to General Hospital after the vaccine requirement was lifted. But because DOOL films so far in advance, he’s appeared on both shows since March. However, his time on the Peacock soap opera is coming to an end.

Tamara Braun spoke to Soap Digest about how Harris’ storyline comes to an end. Some fans worried that the actress was also leaving so Ava and Harris could ride off into the sunset. However, the couple won’t get a happy ending.

According to Braun, Harris Michaels leaves town to chase after nemesis Megan Hathaway (Miranda Wilson) after getting a lead about her whereabouts. She also revealed that Harris and Ava make love before he skips town.

Tamara Braun Opens Up About Steve Burton Leaving DOOL

Days of Our Lives wasn’t the first time Burton and Braun acted together. She played Carly on General Hospital from 2001-2005 when he was playing Jason Morgan. Laura Wright has played Carly since 2005, but she wasn’t Tamara Braun’s immediate replacement. Jennifer Bransford played the role for five months before the show recast with Wright.

Tamara Braun said she was “sad” to see Steve Burton go, calling it a “bummer” that Ava and Harris had to break up. However, she felt it was the right decision for him.

“Steve needed to go. He’s back at GH where he wants to be and that’s important for him. I want people to be happy. Life is short.”

Are you sad to see Steve Burton leave Days of Our Lives? Or does he belong on General Hospital? Share your thoughts in the comments. Stay tuned to DOOL to see what’s next for Ava and Tamara Braun.

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