Kylie Jenner Claps Back At Trolls Over Harsh ‘Filler’ Comments

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is often the target of harsh comments from people online. Whether it’s something to do with her famous family, or something to do with her specifically, she is constantly in the crosshairs for one thing or another. Recently, she went in on trolls for their latest harsh comments. So, what did she have to say?

Kylie Jenner Is Often A Target Online

Kylie Jenner is both one of the most famous, and one of the richest people on the planet. Of course, it goes without saying that this comes with plenty of perks. On the other side of that coin, though, this also comes with some considerable downsides that the average person more than likely never has to deal with.

Because Kylie Jenner is part of one of the most famous families in the world, this means that, along with millions of adoring fans, there are also plenty of trolls and haters. Sometimes, even all the money in the world can’t shield someone from the negativity and vitriol people spew.

Kylie Jenner - Hayu - Andy Cohen
Kylie Jenner – Hayu – Andy Cohen

Jenner Dragged For Her Appearance Recently

When you’re in the public eye as much as Kylie Jenner is, your appearance is going to be a daily topic. One of the things that many people have said about her recently is that she has had too much “filler.” Things like lip fillers are popular among the stars. However, trolls and haters called her out for what they see as her having too much of it.

More specifically, what brought this on was when both fans and professional dermatologists started pointing out “diagonal lines” running through her cheeks. There was further speculation that this noticeable “crease” was because of too much filler below the eyes and over her cheekbones.

People pointed this out during her appearance at Paris Fashion Week in January. Based on recent comments from Jenner, those nasty comments still weigh heavily on her.

Jenner said that she didn’t wear as much makeup as she normally would during Paris Fashion Week. She has even gone as far as dissolving half of her lip filler. Unfortunately, the negative comments persist.

Kylie Jenner-Instagram
Kylie Jenner-Instagram

Kylie Jenner Claps Back At Trolls And Negativity

Even with all of the negativity she has faced since she was a young teenager, since being in the public eye, Kylie Jenner recently said that it’s a “miracle” that she can still look at herself in the mirror and have any confidence left after that incident earlier this year.

Kylie Jenner-YouTube
Kylie Jenner-YouTube

Even so, she seems to be doing her best to stay focused on everything she has going on, and everything going well in her life. She seems to have reluctantly accepted as much as she can at this point that this is how things are always going to be.

Someone is always going to have something negative to say regardless. So, it looks like she is living her life and doing her thing as a way to clap back at all of the negativity.

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