Joey Graziadei’s Shocking New Look Has Fans In An Uproar

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Bachelor Joey Graziadei shocked fans and his fiance with a new look. There are a lot of opinions on what Joey has done, some good, some bad. What is everyone saying about him? Keep reading to find out more.

Joey Graziadei Shocked Everyone With His New Look

Bachelor Joey Graziadei stunned everyone with an entirely new look. Kelsey Anderson went to TikTok to share a video of the huge change. In the video, she reaches over and turns his face toward the camera. Her caption says that she left him alone for 34 hours and now he has no hair.

Fans immediately started commenting. One person asked her how she felt about it. She said, “He’s still hawt!”

Joey also shared his new look on Instagram. He noted it was time for the summer cut. Tons of fans commented on how much they loved his curls and can’t believe they are gone.

Kelsey Anderson and Joey Graziadei via YOutube 1

There were a lot of mixed reactions to the new buzz cut. Below are some things fans had to way about Joey.

  • “Pretty sure this counts as a federal crime”
  • “Nooooooo your curls 😢”
  • “It better grow back. Your hair was my Roman Empire.”
  • “The gasp I just gusped”

While many were shocked there were a lot who said he still looks hot and can rock any cut he wants.


Still cute tho .. 🥵 @Joey Graziadei

♬ original sound – Kelsey Anderson

Joey and Kelsey Update

Fans can tell from all the social media posts that Joey Graziadei and Kelsey Anderson are still going strong. They are together almost 100% of the time. In fact, with their busy travel schedule, she even quit her job.

When Joey was on The Bachelorette he was living with his sister. He knew it wasn’t logical to go back and forth to Hawaii so this was his best option. Now that he’s engaged, he’s been living with Kelsey and her two roommates.

Joey and Kelsey refer to her place as home. However, they are gone so much that it’s almost like their closet or home base. They go and repack and leave again.


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As for her friends she lives with, they were excited to get to know Joey when Kelsey announced he was moving in.

Right now they really have no plans for a wedding. They are enjoying just living and being together as an engaged couple.

What do you think of Joey’s new hair? Do you wish he would have left the curls?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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