Joan Vassos Talks Shocking Update On Gerry Turner Relationship

Joan Vassos via YouTube 3

Golden Bachelorette Joan Vassos is sharing a shocking update about her relationship with Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner. Fans saw her leave the season early to be with her daughter who was having postpartum issues. She and Gerry did have a spark but to her, she would never put anything above her family. Since she was not on the show very long, does she have a relationship with Gerry today? Keep reading to find out what she has to say.

Joan Vassos Shares Shocking Details On Relationship With Gerry Turner

Golden Bachelorette Joan Vassos shared information that may shock some fans. She revealed where things stand between her and Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner.

As it turns out, she and Gerry are great friends. Even though Joan left his season during week 3, she still kept in touch and managed to form a strong friendship.

Entertainment Tonight caught up with Joan to chat about things before she kicked off filming her season of The Golden Bachelorette. Joan was asked where she and Gerry currently stand. She said, “We text all the time. He’s a very, very good friend.”

She kind of thinks Gerry set the pace for the new spinoff. Joan said, “He did this so well. He kind of created the road map that we have now. There’s no rulebook, and he kind of wrote it a little bit.”

Now, she’s getting her own opportunity to add some rules and work on that road map.

Golden Bachelor Jerry Turner - Joan Vassos - Instagram
Golden Bachelor Jerry Turner – Joan Vassos – Instagram

She Thought Nobody Would Remember Her

Joan Vassos also opened up about thinking nobody would remember. Since she left Gerry’s season so early in the process, she felt everyone would forget her.

However, she wasn’t forgotten and is now getting the opportunity of a lifetime. As to why she felt the way she did, Joan said, “I think the story about a family resonates with so many people, and so a lot of people related to that. I got so many messages about when I had said that I felt invisible as you get older… I didn’t think anybody in the world felt that way. I thought it was just me. It resonated with people… I just got lucky, honestly.”

Joan Vassos/Credit: Instagram
Joan Vassos/Credit: Instagram

As she goes through her journey she looks at past alums such as Trista Sutter who she refers to as an icon.

What do you think about Joan and Gerry still being great friends? Do you think she will be successful in finding love?

Stay tuned for more updates and don’t miss The Golden Bachelorette this fall on ABC.

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