Gwen Stefani Turns Back On No Doubt For Huge Paycheck

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Gwen Stefani was planning a big tour with her band No Doubt. However, she has now canceled those plans. According to reports, Gwen put her band on the back burner for a big paycheck when she agreed to return to the world of reality television.

Here is why Gwen backed out of the No Doubt tour and what is next for the star.

Gwen Stefani Backs Out Of No Doubt Tour

Gwen Stefani has backed out of a planned No Doubt tour. As for the reason why, it seems that she has chosen a big guaranteed paycheck over the tour payouts. Gwen is returning to The Voice.

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Gwen Stefani has been a constant face on The Voice, although she has never been on two seasons in a row. She just signed on to return to the reality TV competition series in Season 26. She will coach alongside Reba McEntire, Snoop Dogg, and Michael Buble, meaning only Reba is returning from Season 25.

That said, Gwen will continue her reluctance to sign on for back-to-back seasons. While she will be back for Season 26, she will not be there for Season 27. That season features Michael Buble, Kelsea Ballerini, John Legend, and a returning Adam Levine.

It was an easy choice for Gwen to put off the No Doubt tour. NBC is paying her $13 million to coach in Season 26.

What Is Going On With No Doubt?

According to insiders, No Doubt planned a big tour after their Coachella Festival double-weekend headlining shows. The performance put them back in the public eye, and it looked like fan interest was there for a major tour.

No Doubt has not toured together in 12 years. However, this tour won’t happen now, and Gwen Stefani is heading back to The Voice instead. One source said that Gwen “didn’t need the band” because she plays several solo concerts and plays the band’s biggest hits there (via The U.S. Sun). The source says Gwen gets several private gigs, plays all the No Doubt hits, and doesn’t have to split the money with the band.

“The desire initially was Gwen and the band to use that platform to keep playing beyond Coachella on a tour, but the plan fell apart,” the source said. “But there was talk of tensions between members and managers around going back out and trying to work around everyone’s schedules.”

The source said Gwen will make more by appearing on the Voice than she would by touring for two months with No Doubt. That made the decision an easy one for Gwen to make.

Are you excited to see Gwen Stefani back on The Voice? Did you want to see a No Doubt musical tour? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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