Brittany Cartwright & Jax Taylor Dish On ‘The Valley’ Season 2 Drama

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Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor are dishing on The Valley Season 2 drama now that the Vanderpump Rules spinoff has been renewed. Though a reunion was up in the air, it seems like fans will not get one after all. So, what can be expected for the upcoming season? Keep reading for more details.

Brittany Cartwright & Jax Taylor Dish On The Valley Season 2 Drama

When The Valley was announced, Vanderpump Rules fans had mixed emotions. This was a spinoff that was supposed to happen back in 2020. Unfortunately, a handful of cast members were axed before it could come to fruition. Right before the show premiered, Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright announced their split. Their co-stars, Michelle and Jesse Lally did the same and it was questionable how the show would play out. Soon enough, it came out and became a massive success. Fans got to watch the downfall of both marriages as well as the ups and downs of friendships.

Jax Taylor, Brittany Cartwright-YouTube
Jax Taylor, Brittany Cartwright-YouTube

It was renewed for Season 2 and now, Brittany and Jax are giving some insight as to what fans can expect when it comes back. According to Reality Tea, the show begins filming again in July which is just in time for Jax’s 45th birthday. Vanderpump Rules fans know that he and Tom Sandoval usually made that an event or a vacation so it seems he is following suit. Apparently, he is having a birthday party but does have “beef” with someone in the cast. Therefore, that person will not be invited, and that always causes drama, circa Janet Caperna’s Big Bear babymoon.

Brittany Cartwright shared on her and Jax Taylor’s When Reality Hits more details about what to expect for Season 2:

“We are starting in July. We are so excited to come back. Hopefully, we’ll get even more episodes this season. And, here we go.”

Her estranged hubby went on to share that the show is returning sooner than expected due to a lack of reunion. Of course, Jax has been known to say things without merit so this could be him making stuff up as he goes along:

“Yeah, we decided because we didn’t have the reunion we’re coming back a little quicker. And now everybody’s a well-oiled, now well-oiled, you know, all the what to expect and what to do. I think everybody did a great job. I think everyone’s going to do another great job.”

It’s Jax’s Birthday!

The number one guy in the group is turning 45 and Jax Taylor is ready to make the most out of his big day. Yet, as aforementioned, he is not inviting one person but has yet to share who this is. Brittany Cartwright had just one response to him being in the middle of drama:

“Golly, you’re already starting sh-t and we haven’t even started yet. Well, I love everybody so I’m glad that I’m going to go in without drama. Other than with you.”

To Jax, a cast that gets along does not make for good television. So, it seems he is doing his part to give The Valley fans what they want. Brittany disagreed with Jax’s plan:

“OK, we can’t all fight and hate each other. There has to be somebody that wants to share a little one. I’m going to have to be the peacekeeper in this group forever I feel like.”

It’s already fixing to be an exciting season and it has not even started filming yet. Are you looking forward to what Season 2 has to bring? More so, who do you think Jax has beef with? Let us know in the comments below.

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