Bravo & Celebrity Offspring Join Forces For Reality Show

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Bravo and celebrity offspring are joining forces for a new reality show. This news was just leaked and some of the cast has been spotted working together. So, who is on the roster of the series? Keep reading for more details on what is to come.

Bravo & Celebrity Offspring Join Forces For Reality Show

One of the main shows where celebrity offspring come together is Claim To Fame. That is where relatives and children of famous people gather in a home. Once in the house, they are only known by their first names and often give false clues. Their housemates and viewers must attempt to guess who they are related to. The last person standing wins a lot of money. This new series is not like that one as the cast and who they are connected to are already known. Plus, Claim To Fame returns on July 10th. So, what is known about this new series?

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According to @bravooomg, a handful of Bravoleb children have teamed up with celebrity offspring for a new reality series, Making It In Manhattan. So far, RHOSLC star, Meredith Marks’ son, Brooks, and RHOA alum, Kandi Burruss’ child, Riley are listed. Along with them, RHONJ star Teresa Giudice’s eldest daughter, Gia is supposedly set to join them as is Damon Dash’s daughter, Ava. Kimora Lee Simmons’ daughter, Ming Lee is on board alongside JFK’s great-nephew, Conner. Finally, YouTuber Dylan Geick is also a part of the cast, as well.

Kim Zolciak’s daughter, Ariana Biermann may be in the cast but that is still unclear. Photos have shown some of them together but the premise still remains unknown. So, what do followers think of this series and will they be watching?

  • This show sounds terrible. Nepo babies are boring.
  • They picked the wrong ones. Frankie Catania would have been great
  • Of the Bravo kids, it’s like they went out of their way to cast the ones with zero energy

Rumor Has It…

In the comment section, someone noted this:

  • Rumor has it that they refused to film with Bierman or Guidice. If so, give them all a raise.

Now, as aforementioned, Gia Giudice is supposedly in the cast while Ariana Biermann is a wild card. Many do think that this cast sounds boring and the worst of the Bravo children. They did mention others that would have been preferred such as Frankie Catania. However, he may not have cared or been available. It will be interesting to see who the actual full cast is.

Are you interested at all in this show? Let us know and catch it when it does finally air on Bravo.

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