‘Bold & Beautiful’ Who Will Sheila Carter’s Next Victim Be?

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After seeing how the storyline on The Bold & The Beautiful unfolded this week, there are several things fans are wondering about. One of the characters that has viewers trying to guess what’s going to happen next is Sheila Carter. This week, viewers saw Sheila claim that she’s changed, but we all know better don’t we? Keep reading to see who people think Sheila’s next victim will be on Bold & Beautiful.

Sheila Carter Was The Queen Of Eavesdropping This Week

There was a lot going on this week on B&B. Ridge asked Brooke and Steffy to work together like that isn’t completely impossible. Then, Thomas returned after recovering from his failed relationship with Hope. Surprise, surprise! He’s engaged to a new woman, Paris.

However, one of the key moments this week happened when Sheila Carter was lurking in the shadows, eavesdropping on a conversation between Brooke and Deacon. Sheila heard Brooke tell Deacon that “Steffy is having feelings for an inappropriate man.” Hanging around the corner, Sheila heard everything the pair said.

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Taking all of the matchmaking onto herself, Sheila puts two and two together and realizes that Hope would be a better match for Finn than Steffy. A few minutes after she was eavesdropping, Sheila approaches Deacon, dropping hints about Finn.

She says that everything would be so much better if Finn would consider giving her another chance. Rather than stopping her in her tracks, Deacon entertained the conversation and Sheila’s lunacy.

Not long after that, Bold & Beautiful viewers see Sheila doing what she does best – eavesdropping on another conversation. In this case, the discussion was between Deacon and Tom. Poor Tom can be heard admitting that he Googled Sheila and that he has learned about her sordid past.

Bold & Beautiful Writer Drops Hints About Tom’s Storyline

Following their conversation, Sheila approaches Tom and warns him to keep his mouth shut about anything he uncovered about her. Long-time viewers will know that this isn’t good news for Tom. He will likely become the new focus of Sheila’s murderous rage. It wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility to see a violent interaction between the two in the near future.

Tom is the center of another storyline as well. Poppy (whose story was a bit hectic this week) was interacting with Tom and it’s clear that the two of them share some kind of connection.

[Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
Bold & Beautiful staff writer Candace Young hinted at the possibility of Tom being Luna’s biological father. She also suggested that Poppy could be to blame for Tom being homeless.

Given Sheila’s new hate for the man, it may not matter for much longer.

Do you think Sheila Carter will target Tom now that she knows he’s looked into her past? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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