Alabama Barker Deemed ‘Spoiled Immature Brat’ After Latest Money Move

Alabama Barker-Instagram

Alabama Barker has been deemed a “spoiled immature brat” amid the latest money move. She has always had an affinity for luxury items but now, she has taken it to another level. So, what has Kourtney Kardashian’s stepdaughter done? Keep reading for more details.

Alabama Barker Deemed ‘Spoiled Immature Brat’ After Latest Money Move

Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler had two children during their marriage, Landon and Alabama Barker. Landon is very musical, following in his father’s Blink-182 drummer footsteps. Yet, Alabama is much more like her estranged mother as she loves her platinum blonde locks and a face full of makeup. Her followers have struggled as she looked much older than she was. Plus, they have long believed that she has undergone plastic surgery and felt the need to criticize her weight fluctuation. Alabama revealed that she had a health condition that impacted her weight and addressed any plastic surgery people believed she had.

Alabama Barker, Instagram
Alabama Barker-Instagram

However, the one thing Shanna noted is that when Travis started dating Kourtney Kardashian, that family gave her kids a lifestyle she never could. This is very clear in the behavior Alabama exhibits. Now, the eighteen-year-old is under fire for a recent display of poor taste behavior. According to The Sun, Alabama showed herself throwing money off of a boat and then put it on her Instagram stories. Fans who saw this immediately slammed the social media starlet. One said this:

  • Revolting spoiled immature little brat
Alabama Barker-Instagram
Alabama Barker-Instagram

Then, a Reddit thread was started to address what Alabama Barker had done, and the followers were shocked at her behavior. Some noted that they were struggling to keep their families afloat and this is what she goes and does. So, what else was said about Alabama’s behavior?

  • Ah yes, but we were expected/asked to donate to the go fund me she posted for that lady that had cancer or whatever. Arkansas is as tone deaf as she is dumb.
  • It’s probably some gangster thing she’s trying to flex on regardless it’s stupid and ignorant
  • I just hate this family and everyone associated with them

Other Uses

Followers were especially horrified because, in May 2024, Alabama Barker shared that her “aunt” had cancer. So, she shared a GoFundMe to help aid with expenses. Yet, now she is throwing money into the ocean that could have helped her aunt. Or, could have gone to a much better cause. So, this was really the crux of many issues. Hopefully, she sees what people are saying about her and takes it to heart, realizing that this is unacceptable behavior and many are actually struggling in the world.

What do you think of Alabama tossing cash into the ocean like it’s nothing? Let us know and watch The Kardashians Thursdays on Hulu.

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