Who Does Erin Krakow Want To See Return To ‘WCTH’?

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The WCTH Season 11 finale episode “Anything For Love” is premiering on Sunday. It promises a cliffhanger that will not be resolved until Season 12. Thankfully, the cast and crew are getting ready to head over to the Jamestown Film Set to film the next season.

Some stars have shared what they want to see happen with their characters. But, who would Erin Krakow want to see return to the series? For example, Mamie Laverock returned for Season 10 to create a resolution to her storyline.

Here is who Erin wants to return.

WCTH Erin Krakow, Ben Rosenbaum, Kayla Wallace, and Kevin McGarry Instagram
WCTH Erin Krakow, Ben Rosenbaum, Kayla Wallace, and Kevin McGarry Instagram

Who Does Erin Krakow Want To See Return To WCTH?

Recently, Erin Krakow and Kevin McGarry spoke with US Magazine about WCTH. They were asked about the idea of bringing back Lori Loughlin to reprise her role as Abigail Stanton. Although the two actors conceded that this was not their decision, they admitted that they would love to have her return.

That led to the next question. Erin was asked who else would they bring back. Firstly, Kevin asked, “Who’d come back?” That seemed to indicate that not all previous actors are eager to return. However, they did not elaborate on this.

Next, when they were again asked about past characters, Kevin chimed in, “That world is starting to be explored by the way.” Hey added, “We had several characters from our past seasons come back since our new showrunner [Lindsay Sturman] joined.

However, despite Kevin asking Erin who she wanted to return, she first balked by saying, “Oh, I’m not going to say.” Did she mean Daniel Lissing? Or perhaps Paul Greene? Who knows? What she did say is, “I’ll just say it’s always fun to see the kids come back, especially starting with a group of children who were very young. Seeing them come back as adults, we talked about this before, it’s really heartwarming.”

What Should Hearties Expect In Season 12?

Besides the idea that characters from past WCTH episodes could return for Season 12, what else could Hearties expect next season? One thing would be the honeymoon phase for Elizabeth and Nathan. Now that they have declared their love for each other, there should be more relationship building.

Next, Jack Wagner has expressed a desire for his character Bill Avery to have some romance. Otherwise, he wants more action. He wants to drive more bad guys out of Hope Valley.

Chris McNally has shared that he would like to see Lucas explore his relationship with his father. He also wants fans to see where Lucas lives.

Hearties, who would you like to see return to Hope Valley? Are there any characters who need an update? Share your opinions below in the comments.

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