’The Little Couple’ Zoey Klein Makes Statement With Grown Up Look

The Little Couple: Zoey Klein

The Little Couple celeb Zoey Klein recently made a huge statement, showing off her grown-up look with the most recent updates. See her now.

The Little Couple: Zoey Klein Has Come A Long Way

These days, Zoey Klein is unrecognizable when you compare her to how young she was when Jen Arnold and Bill Klein first brought her home. Zoey has grown bigger with each passing year, and she continues to come into her own with the passing of time.

The Little Couple fans regularly say how much she has grown since the TLC show has been off the air. For fans who don’t keep up with regular updates from Jen Arnold, there are often large gaps between when viewers see Zoey. So, when they finally do come across an update, they are often surprised by how grown up she is nowadays.

The Little Couple: Jen Arnold - Zoey Klein
The Little Couple: Jen Arnold – Zoey Klein/Instagram

TLC Celeb Shows Off New Look In The Latest Updates

One of the ways that The Little Couple fans can stay in the loop with all of the family comings and goings is through Jen Arnold’s social media updates. Based on the latest from Jen, many viewers say how much of a difference they see in Zoey now.

Jen Arnold recently shared an update with her many The Little Couple fans featuring Zoey trying on various dresses that belong to Jen. It turned into a bit of a fashion show activity, as Jen shared various pics of Zoey Klein trying on several of her mother’s favorite pieces.

Because Jen Arnold has a closet full of grown-up dresses, Zoey Klein trying them on makes her look even more grown up. Of course, one of the things that Jen Arnold often says is that she and Zoey have a lot of overlap when it comes to their personal style preferences. In this case, Zoey rocked it all the way through her mother’s wardrobe.


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The Little Couple: Fans Praise Zoey And Her New Looks

Not surprisingly, The Little Couple fans flooded the comment section of Jen Arnold’s recent social media update with nothing but praise for Zoey Klein and how different she looks now. Fans love to see everything she is up to these days, including her many hobbies and more. They are digging these recent looks from Zoey.

The Little Couple: Zoey Klein
The Little Couple: Zoey Klein/Instagram
  • One The Little Couple fan said: “When did Zoey get so grown up?!”
  • Another commenter shared that sentiment, adding: “I remember when you went to get her !! She’s all grown up.”
  • A third TLC fan said: “Zoey has become a beautiful young lady. She’s rocking those cute outfits.”

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