‘Sister Wives’ Real Reason Mykelti Brown Is Moving Away From Christine?

Mykelti Brown Padron from Instagram

Sister Wives star Mykelti Brown Padron recently revealed that she and her family are moving out of Utah. While it’s a major opportunity for the family, it will also come with many uncomfortable changes.

Christine Brown and her new husband David Woolley moved to Utah to be closer to her children and grandchildren. Now that Mykelti, Tony, and their three kids are moving away, it definitely changes the dynamic.

So why exactly are the Padrons making the move to North Carolina in the first place? See what other Sister Wives fans think happened.

Mykelti Brown & Family Are Moving To The East Coast

The Brown family has moved several times since the series began. Now that the children are adults, they are free to go where they please. However, many viewers are puzzled by Mykelti Brown Padron’s move. She has family in Utah — why are they headed to North Carolina?

Mykelti Brown Padron with her children, Avalon, Ace, and Archer, from Instagram
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“Any guesses why Mykelti and Tony are moving to North Carolina?” one Reddit user wondered online. “Neither of them works outside the home. She does the YouTube thing and he plays video games.”

While several Reddit users pointed out that they found the Padrons to be egocentric and attention-seeking, others debated the true motives for the move.


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I think they’re just ready for a change and it’s a semi-familiar place that they like. They probably haven’t spent a ton of time in another residential area that’s outside of their Western US experience so if they’re looking for a change, it’s just the easiest pick,” one user shared. 

Another thought they wanted to be closer to Maddie Brush’s family so the children could grow up together.

I think Tony has a job… something with chess?? And someone on here posted that there’s a big chess circuit in NC…” another Redditor wrote. “No idea if that’s true, as in not from there and know nothing about chess. Lol.”

It’s Unclear When The Couple Will Share More Details

Since Sister Wives is notoriously far behind real events, the move probably won’t make it into Season 19. After all, there’s quite a bit of ground to cover between Christine Brown’s dating life and Garrison Brown’s untimely death.

In time, Mykelti will hopefully shed more light on the situation. Some even believe that she and Maddie Brush will have a spin-off of some sort in North Carolina.

Why do you think Tony and Mykelti Padron are moving their family to North Carolina? Do they want to be near Maddie’s family, or is there an ulterior motive here? Don’t forget to add your own thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. We care about this why? The couple are young and free to move wherever they want. Let’s face it, they have had to deal with a ton of stuff that most families don’t have to. I’d move too if I had all that going on. The farther away the better. Good luck to them.

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