Robyn Brown Called Out, Using Son’s Tragedy For ‘Publicity’

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Sister Wives star, Robyn Brown has been called out for using her son’s tragedy for “publicity.” The mother of five and last remaining wife of Kody Brown has not been well received by fans for quite some time. Now, an incident from Season 8 has resurfaced and viewers have a lot to say about it. What happened, exactly? Keep reading for more details on the situation.

Robyn Brown Called Out, Using Son’s Tragedy For ‘Publicity’

Viewers have not taken kindly to Robyn Brown and her manipulation tactics. She is always playing the victim in her formerly plural marriage and the tears are consistently flowing. At the same time, these so-called tears never actually show themselves. She has made herself into the main wife that Kody Brown has always felt he could count on no matter how hard the others tried. Former third wife, Christine Brown gave the family all that she could until she had nothing left and burnt herself out.

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That was very hard for Kody so when Robyn came along prior to Season 1 of Sister Wives, it was a breath of fresh air. She soon became his favorite and the rest were brushed to the side as were his other thirteen children over time. Now, a photo from Season 8 was posted on Reddit. It is of Robyn’s oldest son, Dayton in a hospital bed, severely damaged. Robyn’s posing next to him as if it is a photo op or for “publicity.” The OP wrote this:

  • I’m on Season 8 and I’m confused…did they think this photo looked authentic or was called for at all? Poor Dayton for being subjected to this horrible publicity stunt.
Dayton Brown, Robyn Brown-Reddit
Dayton Brown, Robyn Brown-Reddit

So, after seeing this photo of Robyn Brown with her son, did other fans feel the same way?

  • The fact that they photographed a child at an incredibly vulnerable moment is in keeping with their entire parenting M.O. So gross.
  • Also, it’s disgusting that she has the time to use a curling iron before rushing to her son’s hospital bed.
  • Robyn is incapable of even pretending to be a normal human.

Really Robyn?

Sister Wives fans were absolutely disgusted with Robyn Brown. They noticed how she had time to get pretty and style herself before heading to the hospital. Yet, there was also the thought that she was trying to show she cared when, in reality, she didn’t. It was all for show and that was what was the hardest pill to swallow. One made a comment about Dayton Brown not having health insurance and that has been a big issue in the whole Brown family. Since they are polygamists, the wives have been looked at as single mothers. Therefore, they have had to handle all of that like Christine Brown handling the care for Ysabel Brown’s scoliosis surgery.

What do you think of Robyn Brown and her publicity photo op at the hospital? Does this turn your stomach or do you feel like she might care a little? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Short and sweet. I have nothing for her or Cody. They deserve each other.
    When my son got hurt and was in the hospital. Looking good for the Camara never crossed my mind.

  2. too many bad things being said about Robyn and Cody. Enough is Enough. Not one of these wives are anywhere near perfect. But come on! Truthfully, I have always liked Robyn and I think she deserves a break! Stay strong Robyn. You are loved.

  3. What’s the difference with filming the episodes about what’s her names scoliosis surgery and this one picof her kid??
    Seems to me people are picking and choosing which one of the 2 evils they “like”
    better so they can preach about how they would never do that on social media.
    Sorry but both are totally wrong.

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