Producers On ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ Break Fourth Wall

Aesha Scott

Below Deck Mediterranean follows the crew of the Mustique, a luxury yacht. The show doesn’t usually break the fourth wall but in recent episodes of Season 9, the producers made the decision to feature camera crews as part of the story.

Breaking The Fourth Wall

Below Deck Med. Season 9 Episode 2 which aired on June 10th features Nathan Gallagher and Gael Cameron trying to ditch the cameras. After a night out on the town the two are seen returning to the motor yacht Mustique, Nathan whispers to Gael “We need to lose these cameras.” They are trying to get away.

Once they were back in their cabins Nathan Gallagher texted Gael Cameron “Where should we meet that has no cameras?” he followed up with “The starboard bow locker has no cameras. Let’s go there.” Gael agreed, texting Nathan, “Tell me when you are there and if you get caught.”

Season 9 Episode 3 started with Gael Cameron running into the camera crew on her way to meet Nathan. One of the camera operators asks Gael “Do you need a mic?” to which Gael replies, “I’m not gonna speak. I’m just getting water real quick. I’m not going to speak to anyone.” Gael texts Nathan “just got caught by the cameras. Let’s call it a night.”

Captain Sandy Yawn - Below Deck Med Bravo
Captain Sandy Yawn – Below Deck Med Bravo

Gael Has a Boyfriend

In the confessional Gael Cameron states that “I’m still in a relationship, and I feel like I’m definitely having stronger feelings than I need to have in this moment. I need to go to sleep.” Gael had a conversation with Aesha Scott in Episode 2 about her relationship with her boyfriend not she had been with him for 5 months.

Gael Cameron tells Aesha Scott  “at the moment, our relationship is a little bit of a long shot,” she said. “We’re still trying to figure out the total trust factor. Like, I know he’s a bit of a flirtatious person, and what happens when he’s on a boat full-time with some really attractive girls?”

Aesha Scott responded to Gael Cameron “Scott and I have been together for three and a half years. There’s not been one time I’ve ever been paranoid. So I just think if you’re worried about each other, then surely it’s not right.”

Captain Sandy On Below Deck Med Season 7 [Bravo | YouTube]
[Bravo | YouTube]

Aesha Scott Defends Gael Cameron

Fans of Below Deck Med have been quick to criticize Gael Cameron for her relationship with Nathan  Gallagher. Aesha Scott was there to defend her friend Gael. Aesha admitted “as someone who was her roommate and witnessed her relationship with her current boyfriend — when she came on [the boat], that relationship was not in a great stable situation.” She continued to say “Some of the messages that he would send her and the way that he would speak to her wasn’t very nice. And I think that whole thing was very insecure to start with, and they’d only been together a few months.”

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