‘LPBW’ Audrey Roloff Continues To ‘Beat A Dead Horse’?

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Little People, Big World alum Audrey Roloff seems to be on a story repeat, but instead of Ember, she’s harping on about her brother, Bode. And, it’s all about his reaction to another sister. Mirabella, AKA Mira arrived on May 23, and her son had hoped for another brother

LPBW Audrey Roloff Beats A Dead Horse With Bode

In 2021, the former TLC star told her fans that Ember wanted a little sister. Instead, she got Radley Knight, a little brother. As she wanted a little sister, she called the baby a girl throughout the pregnancy. But, once the baby arrived, Ember became very protective and didn’t want to let go of the little guy. Rinse and repeat, Jeremy Roloff’s wife comes with the same story for Bode this time.

A man and woman with their three kids
Jeremy, Ember, Bode, Radley, and Audrey Roloff – Credit: Audrey Roloff Instagram

Audrey Roloff is the complete opposite of Jacob and Isabel Roloff who never show their son, Matteo’s face on social media. Not a day goes by without pictures or reels of the kids arriving on Instagram. So, some Little People, Big World fans think that she’s exploiting her children for an income. Accusations of invasion of privacy are not unknown. So this weekend, LPBW fans vented about the repeated story about bonding, albeit with another child.

LPBW Fans Fume Over Bode & Mira

Ahead of the weekend, the former Little People, Big World star took to her Instagram account and shared a reel that showed Bode looking downcast. Plus, a photo arrived of him cuddling his little sister, Mira. In her caption, his mom said:

When you go from being the least excited sibling to the most obsessed sibling literally overnight😂 From the moment she was born Bode has been so in love with her💕

Audrey Roloff Shares Bode Bonding With Mirabella After Wanting A Brother - Instagram via Reddit
Audrey Roloff Shares Bode Bonding With Mirabella After Wanting A Brother – Instagram via Reddit

Audrey Roloff’s post soon arrived on Reddit, and there, critics seemed upset about the rinse-and-repeat story about Bode. The OP wrote:

How long will he be reminded that he didn’t want a sister? Can’t a cute moment exist on its own?

In the comments section, TLC fans took up their fight against the alleged exploitation of kids once again. Here are some of their thoughts:

  • She did the same thing with Ember when she had Radley.
  • These are private moments. How can Jeremy allow his wife to exploit their children to this degree that, imo, is worse than TLC.
  • Who cares! He’ll love and protect his sissy.
  • I have crappy parents but at least mine never went ok! Hold still! Or wait! I gotta go grab my phone! Filming and uploading everything every single day
  • Looking back on all these “photo shoots” later in life… what will be going through their kids’ heads?? They have said themselves they regret being on LPBW when they were young… yet they subject their own kids to the same exact treatment??

What are your thoughts about Audrey Roloff going on about Bode wanting a baby brother rather than a baby sister? Do you remember her doing the same thing with Ember and Radley? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Little People, Big World news.

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