Is Steve Harvey Quitting ‘Family Feud?’

Family Feud host Steve Harvey - YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

Steve Harvey is no stranger to being speechless on air. After nearly 14 years on Family Feud, Steve has seen and heard it all. However, a recent “ignorant” answer on the show left him in shock and he vowed to quit the show for good if it was up on the board. Keep reading to see what happened next.

Steve Harvey Wants To Quit Family Feud After Disgusting Answer

In a recent episode of Family Feud, the Kindell family was asked, “Name something a cheap person might use their ear wax for.” The answer one of the Kindell’s family members gave left Steve Harvey baffled.

The contestant said, “To brush their teeth, Steve.” He was rather confident in his answer, but Steve was praying that the answer wasn’t on the board.

Looking towards the audience in disbelief, Steve took a moment to compose himself before addressing the contestant. “Let me explain something to you, OK?” he said. “If this is up here, I’m gonna quit.”

Steve Harvey on Family Feud | Instagram
Steve Harvey on Family Feud | Instagram

The Kindell family laughed at the host’s remarks before Steve continued,  “I like the way you think … ’cause I guess you just said, ‘Hey, look, are we doing ignorant stuff? Watch this. Take your ear wax and brush your teeth, Steve.'”

Of course, his answer wasn’t on the board and it was the family’s second strike. Their next guess, “Tape,” wasn’t on the board either, giving the Thomas family a chance to steal.

The Hits Don’t Stop Coming For Steve On Feud

Family Feud fans know this isn’t the first time Steve has been stunned by an answer on the game show. He has been thrown off guard by a number of NSFW responses on the game show over the years.

Just earlier this week, he was shocked by a contestant’s answer in relation to his wife. The question was, “Name something a husband lives in fear that his wife will ask him for.” Lee, the contestant, was quick to answer. “Man, she can’t have my phone,” he told Steve. 

“You said what?” Steve asked, and Lee responded, “Never mind.” However, his answer was on the board at the number five answer.

Steve Harvey - Family Feud
Steve Harvey – Family Feud

Another recent episode had Steve Harvey blushing. The Family Feud contestant was asked, “Name something you wish lasted longer than it does.” Without hesitation, the contestant replied, “Sex, Steve.” To his surprise, it was the number one answer on the board. 

Oftentimes, if he sees the potential for a raunchy response, he warns the contestants to think twice before they answer.

All of that being said, despite his threats to leave Family Feud, Steve Harvey won’t actually be quitting the show any time soon. That is unless a contestant’s answer really sends him over the edge.

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